New in the range: Active Lemonade with activated charcoal

Bio Active Lemonade

With the wellness drink Active Lemonade, I·DO is launching the first variety in a completely new and unique category: a still organic lemonade with live bacterial cultures and activated carbon. The Black Lemonade with its refreshing, subtle lemon and pineapple flavor is the perfect addition to our juice cleanses and can also be used as a feel-good drink for a slim figure.

Why a lemonade with activated carbon

Activated carbon - also called activating or medical carbon - is a specially manufactured form of carbon that has a huge surface area due to countless pores and quenchers. Similar to a sponge, just a few grams of activated carbon create the surface of a football field. The charcoal is produced in a special, food-safe process in which the moisture is removed from the raw product at over 900 degrees.

Activated charcoal is generally known as a medicine and can be found in tablet form in many home and travel pharmacies. The medication is usually used for diarrhea because the activated charcoal tablets bind bacteria, bacterial toxins and excess water in the intestines. Activated charcoal can also be an effective remedy for flatulence.

We are now making use of these positive properties. If activated charcoal is absorbed via Active Lemonade, the sponge-like structure in the intestines can help with detoxification. Poisons are absorbed directly and do not enter the bloodstream. Excretion occurs through bowel movements. Activated charcoal is also a proven home remedy for flatulence and studies suggest that regular use can also relieve abdominal cramps.