What are superfoods and why do they make our juice even better?

Was sind Superfoods

Actually, the description superfoods applies to all our fine, organic ingredients. By superfoods, however, we mean foods that have a particularly high and concentrated proportion of valuable ingredients.

By using these selected power substances, we make I·DO Juice a true superfood drink. Superfoods are all the rage - and rightly so. I DO Juice contains the best ingredients such as kale, ginger or maca. In our immune booster 'Fireball', rare extracts such as oregano oil, which has an antibacterial effect, or the anti-inflammatory capsaicin in cayenne extract are also used. In the future, our range will continue to be expanded with other extraordinary and healthy ingredients such as chia, goji or coconut water.

The concentrated power of special ingredients makes our juice true power drinks

Each of our juices has many important vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes.

The juices contain numerous nutrients such as iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, folic acid, betaine, carotene and bromelain.

Ingredients like ginger strengthen the immune system with their antibacterial properties.

Functional food without a catch

Would you like a light snack at lunchtime to start the afternoon fit? With almost 3kg of pressed greens, our Liquid Salad is particularly rich in content without being heavy on the stomach - drink your salad! Does your digestion keep going crazy? You don't feel like 10 pieces of sugar like you find in normal soft drinks? Our Pineapple Express is a sweet refreshment. With nothing but fructose.

I·DO works in these and many other situations. It's superfood power, baby!

Juice, the pure juice and nothing but juice

As a healthy refreshment in between or as a multi-day detox cure. I DO works.

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