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Bio Balance juice cleanse - 5 days

5 days juice cure with organic juices in raw food quality

Raw Quality · Cold Pressed · Never Heated

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✓ A proven and enjoyable new start for a life in balance
✓ 8 cold-pressed, never heated organic juices per day
✓ Incl. digital juice cleanse guide and app instructions
✓ 100% raw food quality and vegan
✓ No added sugar or artificial additives
✓ With satisfaction promise.

Are you looking for a reset or want to bring more balance into your life? The 5-day Bio juice cleanse combines eight cold-pressed, unpasteurized juices per day in a perfectly coordinated juice cleanse package. The soothing and varied raw food quality drinks are vegan and delivered fresh to your home.

that includes this juice cleanse

8 juices per day · 40 juices total. This juice treatment provides you with a variety of raw vegetable juices. All ingredients are pressed fresh from the field and provide you with the right nutrients and phytochemicals for a normal day.

Fireball Boost (240ml x 5) | Daily Greens (240ml x 5)
Liquid Salad (240ml x 5) | Pineapple Passion (240ml x 5)
Sweet Greens (240ml x 5) | Soulful Beets (240ml x 5)
Easy Celery (240ml x 5) | Karma Carrot (240ml x 5)
Bio Balance Digital Juice Cleanse Guide x 1



Calories in the package - per day 799 kcal - 5 days 3,996 kcal


8 juices per day · 8 varieties

Organic juice cleanse 5 days · Juice fasting with cold-pressed juices · Order organic balance juice cleanses · Juice cleanse · Experience the juice cleanse yourself

Juice cleanse - fasting story

Fasting has long been ingrained in cultures around the world and is said to have an impact on health and physical and mental balance. In contrast to holistic fasting, with juice fasting you do not completely avoid food, but instead supply the body with essential nutrients and secondary plant substances with the help of special juices. Accordingly, fasting with this method is easier and also ideal for beginners.

Saftkur - Guide
Saftkur 5 Tage
Fireball Boost - Ingwersaft
Daily Greens - Grüne Säfte
Easy Celery - Bio Selleriesaft
Karma Carrot - Gemüse Saftkur
Liquid Salad - Bio Spinatsaft
Pineapple Passion - Kurkuma Saft
Soulful Beets - Bio Rote Bete Saft
Sweet Greens - Saftfasten

Why every step counts and not all juice is the same

  • harvest

  • Washing/cutting

  • Cold pressing

  • HPP application

The quality of a juice begins with the harvest. We select only the best and ripest fruits to ensure our juice has the most intense flavor. By carefully selecting the fruits, we guarantee that our juice is rich in vitamins, nutrients and phytochemicals. A special feature of our production is the close cooperation with local farmers and cooperatives. These partnerships allow us to directly access premium raw materials while supporting local agriculture.

After harvesting, the fruits are carefully washed to remove any impurities. They are then carefully cut by hand to preserve the quality and freshness of the fruit. This step ensures that only the best of the fruit goes into our juice.

Unlike traditional methods, we use cold pressing to extract the juice from the fruits. This process preserves the natural flavors and nutrients of the fruit and ensures a juice that is as close to the taste of fresh fruit as possible. This minimizes oxidation processes in the juice due to oxygen contact.

Safety and freshness are important to us. That's why we've been using HPP technology (high-pressure pasteurization) since 2014. This process uses high pressure instead of heat to deactivate harmful microorganisms in the juice, thereby preserving the juice's natural flavor, nutrients and enzymes while making it safe for consumption.

Why I DO ?


    We press our juices cold, ie no heat is used in our production. In this way, all heat-sensitive substances such as vitamins, roughage and other nutrients are retained during pressing.


    100% organic. Since day one, we have attached great importance to the fact that all the ingredients for our I·DO products are produced in a biologically and ecologically harmless manner. In addition, our priority is sustainable production.


    Cold-pressed, but still pasteurized? That's out of the question for us! At I·DO we work with ultra high pressure to preserve our juices.


    Our juice cleanse comes with instructions and a comprehensive juice cleanse app, which I will accompany you step by step during your fasting.


    Juice fasting is effortless and can be done by everyone. No time-consuming shopping for fruit or pressing the juice yourself at home is necessary.

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What is I DO?

Our mission is to enable you to live a healthier, longer and more sustainable life with high-quality organic juices and foods.
As a specialized juice manufacturer from Munich, we have been concentrating on special organic juice creations in raw food quality since our foundation in 2014.

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What makes I DO special?

I·DO organic juices and ginger shots are ultra-fresh, 100% organic and never heated. The fruit and vegetables in our premium raw food products are freshly harvested and pressed every week. Most of the ingredients are grown exclusively for us in controlled organic quality. Whenever possible, we work with local farmers and cooperatives in the immediate vicinity of our production facility in Spain. Short distances and small batches ensure excellent product quality and the smallest possible ecological footprint.

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How is it delivered?

Always chilled by refrigerated parcel. Your parcel will usually arrive within two to four working days.

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How much is the shipping?

The shipping and packaging costs depend on the parcel weight and delivery location. There is a practical shipping costs calculator in the shopping cart.

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How long do I·DO organic juices keep?

The I·DO organic juices are preserved using the HPP process. As a rule, the products can be kept for several weeks - but at least 10 days - after leaving the warehouse.

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Where can I return the deposit?

The bottles made from recycled PET are part of the deposit system. You can return them throughout Germany at any supermarket or point of sale with other deposit products.

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