Five quick questions for: content creator and yoga teacher Kerstin

Content Creatorin und Yogalehrerin Kerstin - Selfcare Checkliste

Five quick questions for: content creator and yoga teacher Kerstin

Kerstin, who can also be found on Instagram under @kerstinloves , stands for Selfcare and Movement. As a content creator and yoga teacher, a healthy, balanced lifestyle is very important to her and she keeps herself physically and mentally fit with her love of sport. This also includes the integration of daily 'must-haves'. What that means exactly for Kerstin, she answers us with five quick questions.

How important are routines to you and which ones do you have?

My routines are very important to me. Above all, I really try to do my morning routine every day - whether the day is relaxing or stressful, whether I'm at home or on vacation. The routine itself always changes a bit, but it is important to me not to pick up my cell phone first thing in the morning, but to meditate, journal or read a few pages in a book.

After that I try to move for 10-20 minutes. This can be a yoga sequence, a workout or even a short walk. Only when I have completed this routine with my matcha, juice and breakfast do I start the day.

What are your daily 'must haves'?

movements. Mindfulness & my journal. I try to move every day, no matter what kind, bring a few mindful moments into everyday life and use my journal. After that: my porridge, matcha latte and a ginger shot .

Let's talk about feelings - what feelings do your daily 'must haves' give you?

It makes me feel grounded and connected. I feel like myself. It gives me structure and helps me to do something good for myself and to be there for myself!

Which I·DO product is your favorite?

Definitely the shots - I love them! Especially Jump Run with Raspberry is my favorite.

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