Reset for body and mind: The new Body & Mind fasting cure from I·DO

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PRESS RELEASE / March 22, 2022

Reset for body and mind: The new Body & Mind fasting cure from I·DO

With the Body & Mind fasting cure, I·DO provides a practical all-in-one package for a 7-day fasting experience at home. In addition to delicious juices, the new box impresses with practical self-care tools that make fasting a holistic experience. The concept was developed together with the medically certified fasting leader Katya Bedrik in order to achieve the best possible health benefits.

The concept of the Body & Mind fasting cure
    • Developed with a medically certified fasting manager
    • The only fasting regimen aimed at physical and mental transformation
    • 25 high quality organic foods and fasting tools in one box
    • Web app with daily tips and explanations
    • High-quality printed fasting journal
    • Sustainably manufactured in factory quality
    • Suitable for beginners and advanced users
    • Can be done alongside work and family
The fasting package from I·DO includes everything you need for a week-long fasting retreat in your own four walls. What's special: The concept not only aims to avoid solid food, but also pays attention to mental well-being - based on the tradition of Buchingen fasting. In addition to freshly pressed juices in raw food quality , the package contains a whole range of high-quality organic foods and fasting tools that help bring body and mind into harmony.

The Body & Mind fasting treatment was developed in close collaboration with the medically certified fasting leader and nutrition coach Katya Bedrik. In order to make the process understandable and to help you if problems arise, the treatment is accompanied by a practical fasting journal and our I·DO web app - including tips from Katya.
Body & Mind fasting cure: body and mind in balance, fasting made easy That's what's in the all-in-one fasting package

The package contains eight freshly pressed juices from I·DO: four for the relief day at the beginning of the treatment and four more for the recovery day at the end. In order to supply the body with energy despite food deprivation, we also supply freshly squeezed celery juice in a practical 3-liter bag-in-box, a soothing fasting tea, a warming organic vegetable broth and delicious organic honey.

In order to stimulate mental transformation, the fasting box contains carefully selected self-care tools. These have a supportive effect and help to endure food withdrawal more easily. Included is an Epsom salt for introductory laxatives, a basic bath salt, an aroma lamp with essential oils, a mouth pulling oil with organic herbs, a dry brush, a Redondo ball, a tongue scraper and a Guasha stone.
This is how the fasting cure works

The Body & Mind fasting cure is designed so that it can be carried out at any time - even during everyday work. You should only allow yourself some rest for the first two days, which is why we recommend starting the treatment on a Friday. Fasting is divided into three phases:

    • Relief day: Consumption of solid food is stopped on the first day. In order to slowly get the body used to the fasting phase, four juices are drunk. In the evening the introductory laxation with Epsom salt follows.
    • Fasting phase: From the second day onwards, only celery juice, tea and vegetable broth are consumed. Our detailed fasting instructions accompany you through the treatment and provide suggestions for physical and mental well-being.
    • Rebuilding day: On day seven, the body is prepared for normal food intake by drinking four juices.

I·DO fasting expert Katya
Fasting with I·DO: The benefits

Fasting is considered a reset for the body and mind: By abstaining from food, the body enters what is known as ketosis - the fasting metabolism. Energy is no longer obtained from the carbohydrates consumed, but from the fat reserves.

But fasting is not (only) aimed at physical changes. Rather, it's about cleansing, letting go and self-knowledge. The well-thought-out program allows for a holistic restart and helps to regain balance. The focus is strengthened on the essentials, new energy is recharged and the conscious handling of one's own body is trained - all of this without much effort and can be integrated into everyday life.

“Fasting at home is a great way to feel comfortable in your own body again and gain new strength.” – Katya, fasting leader and nutrition coach

The Body & Mind fasting treatment can be ordered on the I·DO website on the desired start date. There we also clarify all important questions about the process and benefits of the fasting cure.


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