Juice Cleanse: A juicy break for the body

Juice Cleanse

The year is almost over and has left clear traces. Tired, listless and irritable, we drag ourselves through everyday life. Our body is crying out for a break! Is Juice Cleanse the solution? Our friends from Greenality have dealt extensively with the topic.

It's not the best time for the pre-Christmas period and gluttony: our pants pinch, our tear sacs hang sluggishly and in the morning a tired face stares at us that only remotely resembles our own.

Everyday stress and unhealthy food hastily pushed between the gills have left their mark on our bodies. Time to give it a break - just how? A week monastery vacation? Laughter Yoga? Both possible. But there is another option: juice cleansing.

Juice Cleansing: Therapeutic Fasting reloaded

The hip English word that the detox trend brought to us from the USA hides something familiar. Juice Cleanse or Cleansing is very similar to therapeutic fasting. During a juice cure lasting several days, the body should detoxify and get rid of superfluous ballast.

According to the detox theory, we are constantly absorbing toxins from the environment, which are then stored in our cells. To flush the toxins out of the body... The full article is available at the Greenality Movement (external link)

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Antidote Cleanse Juice Cleanse

Do something good for your body. detox

From 3 to 14 days, 6 juices a day. True juice fasting from Antidote.

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