Five quick questions for: yoga teacher and dancer Franzi Wagner

Yoga Gesundheit
A balanced and active lifestyle as well as an awareness of healthy nutrition - this is what connects the members of the I·DO partner program . Franzi Wagner is a yoga teacher and dancer and part of our community. For 7 years Franzi has been offering courses, workshops and sessions around dance, yoga and movement to share her passion with other people, to inspire and empower them. We spoke to her about her very personal lifestyle and asked her five short questions.

1. How do you start your morning?

The morning is super important to me, that's why I take my time in the morning for everything that's important to me. I don't have a fixed routine, every morning looks a little different and in the dark winter months it's a little more relaxed and quiet. In the summer I usually get up a little earlier with a bit more energy.

But what is always part of it: a short meditation, warm water with lemon, taking my most important supplements and some form of exercise! Depending on my time and mood, I go to the gym, do a yoga flow or a short home workout, or I teach my own classes. I love that in the morning!

In general, I am a morning person and can only recommend planning a little time for such things in the morning. It changes your whole day :-)

5 quick questions 2. What's your feel-good routine?

It also varies depending on the season. In winter, a cup of tea is a must, going for a walk, snuggling up at home, baking - I like that! In summer it's fresh juices, smoothie bowls and lots of time in the sun that makes me happy!

In order to feel really good, I like to be around my most important people. I drive to my family or meet up with friends for a coffee - I always feel good afterwards!

3. What are you dreaming of?

For the world I dream of a little more togetherness, community and the realization that together we can create so much more and more beautiful things. I miss that sometimes. Even if you are already noticing a change in the right direction. :-)

For me personally, to be honest, I dream that everything will continue as it is. Everything feels very consistent right now and I'm loving this journey I'm on right now.

4. What sin do you indulge in from time to time?

I guess this question is aimed at "sins in eating". I stopped categorizing things or treating myself as "cheats".

For me, "treat" means a really fresh smoothie bowl, a delicious cappuccino, peanut butter, nachos, pizza, cookies and also a hearty, colorful vegetable bowl. Everything. And I celebrate it when I can really enjoy it!

5. Which I·DO juice should you never be without in your fridge?

I love the liquid salad . My absolute favourite!

Would you like to learn more about Franzi Wagner and her yoga and dance classes? Then visit her website and follow her on Instagram .

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