What does raw food quality mean?

Ultra gentle processing to preserve the best in vegetables and fruits.

What is raw food?

Raw food is generally understood to be a plant-based diet consisting of raw fruit and vegetables that have never been heated. By not heating the food, temperature-sensitive substances such as vitamins, secondary plant substances, enzymes, chlorophyll or unsaturated fatty acids are preserved and their content in the food increases.


Why are I·DO juices 100% raw food quality?

Fresh I·DO organic juices are never heated or pasteurized. All important vitamins, nutrients, phytochemicals and aromas are preserved through cold pressing. To ensure that the juices reach you in the refrigerator safely and with full flavor, we use a particularly gentle method to preserve the products.

In the course of high-pressure pascalization (HPP), the organic juices are subjected to a pressure of 6000 bar. This pressure destroys bacteria and germs. Vitamins and aromas are retained. HPP is therefore considered a particularly gentle method of making fresh food last longer.

Flexible packaging is required for this process. Filling in glass bottles is therefore usually not an option for really fresh juices. With almost all juices that are offered in glass bottles today, you can assume that they were heated to preserve them and that the taste and ingredients were lost as a result

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