Collection: Ginger Mini & Maxi Shots

Discover the power of ginger! Our cold-pressed organic ginger shots are not only an aromatic experience, but also a real boost for your well-being. Made from the best ginger, our shots offer a hot and spicy note, which is highlighted by the natural ingredients of ginger such as gingerol.

Rounded off with different natural ingredients, we have our ginger mini shot in two different versions: Boost & Protect and Smile & Shine .

And brand new : Our Ginger Maxi Shot , which contains five shot portions and comes in five different flavors to suit your needs: Fireball Fit , Fireball Original , Fireball Reset , Fireball Protect and Fireball Kick .

I DO Organic Ginger Shots: Your daily 'must-haves': concentrated nutrients, 100% organic and in raw food quality.

Why I·DO ?


    We press our juices cold, ie no heat is used in our production. In this way, all heat-sensitive substances such as vitamins, fibers and other nutrients are retained during pressing.


    100% organic. We have attached great importance to ensuring that all ingredients for our I·DO products are produced organically and in an ecologically sound manner.
We also prioritize sustainable production methods.


    Cold-pressed, but still pasteurized? That's out of the question for us! At I·DO, we use ultra-high pressure to preserve our juices.


    Our juice cleanse comes with instructions and a comprehensive juice cleanse app, which I will accompany you step by step during your fasting.


    Juice fasting is effortless and can be done by anyone. No time-consuming shopping for fruit and no need to press the juices yourself at home.