Celery juice effect: This is how the trendy drink from the miracle perennial works

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Celery juice is best drunk freshly squeezed. At I·DO you can buy fresh celery juice in a supply pack.

Celery In terms of taste, it's definitely not something for everyone. The bright green vegetables are bursting with power, vitamins, important nutrients and secondary plant substances. Most people probably already know that celery is anything but unhealthy. But the trend is moving away from simply nibbling the bars. Celery is currently conquering German kitchens as a freshly pressed juice, but is the hype justified? What is the benefit of daily celery juice in the morning? And what does a certain Anthony William have to do with it?

Anthony William is a self-proclaimed “Medical Medium,” a New York Times bestselling author and has published six books on nutrition and health. One of his books, Celery Juice - The ultimate superfood drink for your health , is largely responsible for the celery juice hype. In 232 pages, the American explains the effects of freshly squeezed vegetable juice. He is developing a concept on how to incorporate the drink into your daily nutritional routine.

According to William, the effects of celery juice are best achieved when you drink a glass immediately after getting up. Ideally on an empty stomach. There should then be around 20 minutes between the glass of celery juice and breakfast. If you incorporate this routine into your everyday life, the celery juice should have a noticeable effect after just one week. Many people say that green juice makes them feel fit and vital. As a result, some people simply give up coffee or tea. The bitter substances it contains also curb the appetite. Anthony William and others say that celery juice has numerous other positive properties. The best way to do this is directly in one of his works read up.

What's up with the celery juice trend?

Scientifically, the topic of Celery Juicing is still completely new territory. Health experts believe that people who swear by celery juice eat healthier in general . However, it is questionable whether raw celery juice is healthier than simply eating the greens raw. Not to mention: you need up to half a kilo of fresh celery for a single glass. You have to get it home and clean first. But hardly anyone will deny that a daily glass of celery vegetable juice is harmful. Raw celery contains potassium, vitamin A and vitamin K, as well as some folate, vitamin C and many other antioxidants.

Can everyone drink celery juice regularly?

Eating plant-based foods is fundamentally a healthy habit. However, some people should pay attention to less of certain substances - such as allergens — take in. These are also found in some plants, such as celery. The allergens in celery are also known as oxalates. People with a certain type of kidney stone are particularly susceptible. If you are prone to getting kidney stones, you should avoid celery or seek medical advice.

Juicing celery yourself? Squeezing celery juice is no child’s play!

Health experts usually recommend pressing the green gold yourself and drinking the glass immediately afterwards. On one thing must However, you should really pay attention: Celery should only be processed into juice if it is organic, because conventionally produced perennials are often treated with harmful pesticides. When shopping, please don't pay attention to the appearance - it will be in the press anyway!

Would you rather tap yourself instead of pressing yourself?

If you find it too time-consuming to press the celery juice yourself, you can now also find celery juice in the usual uncompromising organic form Raw food quality in our juice shop. I·DO offers Buy celery juice in a practical 3L dispenser box for the refrigerator at home. This means you can enjoy cold-pressed celery juice every day easily and still fresh in raw food quality (made in Germany). And all without any expensive purchases and all the time spent pressing and cleaning. Let us know if celery juice works for you too.