We are the raw food organic pioneer for natural fruit and vegetable juices. Our mission is to enable you to live a healthier, longer and more sustainable life with high-quality organic drinks and organic juice cleanses.


    By not heating the I·DO juices, temperature-sensitive ingredients such as vitamins and phytochemicals are preserved.


    100% organic. We place the highest priority on ensuring that all ingredients for our I·DO products are produced in an ecologically sound manner.


    Our advanced production process enables our I·DO products to have a reasonable shelf life while retaining all the positive properties of a raw food product.

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Germany's most popular raw food organic juice cleanse. Already over 50,000 customers

I think it's a wonderful idea to lose a few annoying pounds. The flavors are really very pleasant to drink.

Barbara P

I have a five month old son who I am currently exclusively breastfeeding. I was therefore unable to follow the instructions for the juice cleanse, but I was very enthusiastic about integrating the ginger shots and the juices into my daily vegan diet. I'm a big fan and will definitely be ordering the next batch soon. I find it particularly practical that you can take the juices with you to the playground and family outings, pack a few nuts and have something healthy with you for in between meals without any effort!

Hannah H

I'm about to fast with this juice cleanse. The juices are just great! You can enjoy them all, my two favorites are SWEET GREENS and PINEAPPLE PASSION. Since I intend to fast for a little longer, I have ordered more juices. (I can also recommend the organic ginger turmeric shot in the 3 l box first thing in the morning).

Heidrun B.

These delicious and high-quality juices are simply wonderful and rich. I don't feel hungry and they give me strength and energy for the day. Thanks to the team

Simone B

I am very satisfied with the product and the customer support. Friendly, professionals and accommodating. The juice is of the best quality, almost like it's homemade! Always my pleasure. Luisa Mendez just great on the phone. Thanks very much.

Eric W

Great juices. Delivery to Austria also works very well. Even in the warm season.

Jana R

Absolutely satisfied. The 6 day juice cleanse was a challenge for the nerves, especially for the people around me, but I feel great and will definitely do it again!!!

Sarah R

Super nice and friendly staff and delicious drinks.

Eric E

Everything great. Delicious. Very nice employee!!!

Susie R

I·DO organic juice cleanse

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