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Influencer Sebastian - Gesunde Ernährung Tagesplan
A balanced and active lifestyle as well as an awareness of healthy nutrition - this is what connects the members of the I·DO partner program . Sebastian from Munich is an influencer and part of our community. We spoke to him about his very personal lifestyle and asked him five short questions.

1. How do you start your morning?

Depending on what shift I have and whether I'm in the home office or not, at 6-7 in the morning. Since I often don't have much time in the morning, I only eat porridge sometimes. That's why the Fireball Boost was a real dream during my juice cleanse - I was always fit and it went very quickly.

2. What's your feel-good routine?

In the morning - especially at the weekend - just lie in bed for 30-60 minutes and think. However, where I actually feel most comfortable and where I can switch off is in the car. Just enjoy nature and be away from everyday life.

3. What are you dreaming of?

Turn my hobby into a job. Getting up every day and knowing what I'm doing all this for and that it's fulfilling and fun. I would also like to travel more and see more of the world.

4. What sin do you indulge in from time to time?

I actually had a really bad diet, especially before my juice cleanse. Before that I was in Ibiza, Dubai and London and ate too much fast food. Thanks to the juice cleanse, I was able to reset my eating habits and am now starting from scratch again. I'll still treat myself to a pack of chips every now and then ;)

5. Which I·DO juice should you never be without in your fridge?

The Fireball Boost really surprised me the most. I didn't think a juice could be such a good coffee substitute. If you are not awake after this, you are definitely doing something wrong! Absolutely brilliant juice and great to start the day.

You want to know more about Sebastian . Then quickly hop over to Instagram where he shares his passion for cars and everyday life with you.

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