Five quick questions for: yoga teacher and graphic designer Nicole Geisler

Yogalehrerin und Grafikdesignerin Nicole Geisler
A balanced and active lifestyle as well as an awareness of healthy nutrition - this is what connects the members of the I·DO partner program . Nicole Geisler from Kassel is a yoga teacher as well as a graphic and web designer and part of our community. She has been teaching in her own studio since 2014 and has been a co-founder of the Trail of Yoga studio in the heart of Kassel for three years. We talked about her very personal lifestyle and asked her five short questions.

1. How do you start your morning?

My morning starts around 8.30 a.m. with the first relaxed stretching exercises in bed, because I'm not an early riser?
Then I continue with my morning routine of oil pulling, a warm glass of water and a few small exercises. Afterwards there is a smoothie or a fresh juice. Except on weekends, when I like to have breakfast.

Nicole Geisler from Kassel loves yoga and the Karma Carrot

2. What's your feel-good routine?

I've got some of... I love a delicious cappuccino with oat milk and a healthy homemade cake. A horseback ride through the forest, leaving my phone in my pocket and enjoying nature. At the weekend, after waking up for the first time, stay in bed and cuddle.

3. What are you dreaming of?

Live in harmony with people and animals. For me, this means that everyone takes responsibility for themselves again, values ​​their health and nature. I would love to live with loved ones on a large farm at some point (with my horses, a large garden...) and create a space there for relaxation and being together.

4. What sin do you indulge in from time to time?

From time to time I treat myself to an organic pizza when I've had a full day and don't feel like cooking anymore. Here, of course, there is also the question of what does “sin” mean. If you feel like a good chocolate, that's not a sin for me, but pleasure and that's part of life. It's all a matter of quantity and frequency.

5. Which I·DO juice should you never be without in your fridge?

Karma Carrot . I love freshly squeezed carrot juice and far too often I don't have the time to make it myself. The combination in Karma Carrot just tastes so delicious!

Would you like to learn more about Nicole Geisler or get to know her graphic and web design project from PurPure ? Then visit her website and follow her on Instagram .

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