Where does the juice cleanse come from? Cure definition and history of the cure

Woher kommt die Saftkur?

Juice cure - cure definition

In recent years, hardly any other trend has attracted as much attention as juice fasting. This promises restful nights, energetic days and a clear mind. Numerous juice manufacturers offer cold-pressed juices for cures online and in their stores. These are supplemented by detailed instructions and explanations on how to carry out a juice cleanse over, for example, three, five or seven days.

These developments raise the question of how juice cleanses came about in the first place. What effects are achieved with juice fasting? Can all the promises of cleansing juice fasting actually be fulfilled? And do these treatments help you lose weight?

Let's first look at the meaning of the juice cleanse and the definition of a cleanse. A cure is a medical or health treatment designed to cleanse and heal the body. There are a wide variety of treatments, such as thalassotherapy, climate therapy or brine bathing treatments . A cure usually lasts several days or weeks and includes various treatments such as massages, baths and special diets. Spa treatments are often carried out in spa hotels or spa clinics by trained staff. A treatment can help revitalize the body, reduce stress and alleviate health problems.

A juice cleanse is a special type of cleanse. No solid food is consumed, only juices and smoothies. Juice cleanses can help detoxify the body, lose weight and strengthen the immune system. Juice cleanses are particularly popular with people who are looking for a simple way to improve their health and do something good for their body.

A bit of history about the cure definition…

The juice cleanse reached its big “boom” in the early 2000s. Here we were talking about the following treatment definition: "A juice treatment based on a regenerating approach helps to get clearer skin, lose weight and feel like new."

The modern juice cleanse dates back to 1976, when Stanley Burroughs published the book "The Master Cleanse , " which launched the "Master Cleanse . " You've probably heard of it before: a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper replaces the intake of all solid foods for 10 days. After this time, you can slowly start eating soup again and after a few days you can integrate fruit and vegetables into your meal plan again. However , meat and dairy products are not recommended.

However, the idea of ​​a juice cleanse did not start in 1976, but much earlier . Fasting was already seen as a spiritual practice in ancient Greece. In modern times, particularly in the 20th century, fasting has been used by many people as a way to cleanse the body of toxins and achieve improved health. However, there was some controversy about these benefits or even the harmful effects of fasting.

The Gerson therapy

In the 1930s, doctor Max Gerson introduced a special diet to treat diseases such as tuberculosis and cancer. The so-called Gerson therapy is based on the idea that illnesses are caused by poor nutrition and environmental pollution. For this reason, detoxifying the body and eating a healthy diet are said to be able to help heal the body. Gerson therapy involves a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and freshly squeezed juices. It is low in animal products, fats and salt - but rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It also includes a variety of detoxification techniques such as liver wraps, enemas and special medications to rid the body of toxins. Gerson therapy served as the fundamental approach for the juice cleanse known today.

The Gerson therapy and the juice cleanse are both based on a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and aimed at detoxifying the body. The main difference between the two is that Gerson therapy takes a much more comprehensive approach, incorporating various detoxification techniques as well as specific medications to cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system.

While a juice cleanse is usually only done for a limited period of time, ranging from a few days to two weeks, Gerson therapy can last for several months. Gerson therapy also involves the use of enemas to rid the body of toxins, as well as the use of special medications that target metabolism and the immune system. Gerson therapy is even used as an alternative treatment for diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

What is today's treatment definition?

Nowadays, juice cleanses are extremely popular and there are countless ways to carry them out. The reasons for juice fasting range from detoxifying the body to desired weight loss to supplementing the diet with a greater variety of fruits and vegetables. Juice cleanses have undoubtedly become an important part of wellbeing culture.

Thanks to historical records and modern science, we know that a healthy person reaches their physical limits after fasting for about 40 days . For this reason, overly ambitious and longer fasting periods should be avoided. The good news is that the positive effects of fasting can be achieved after a much shorter period of time. Accordingly, the average recommended fasting period is between six and 14 days.

Prepare your juice cleanse

Careful preparation time and proper follow-up usually require two to three weeks. If you want to lose weight quickly, you shouldn't expect too much from a ten-day fast, as weight loss is only temporary in most cases. After the juice cleanse, your weight usually returns to what it was before the cleanse if you fall back into your old eating habits. Therefore, a ten-day fast should not be seen as a solution to (permanent) weight problems.

Some people practice a juice cleanse regularly as part of their lifestyle, for example once a month or once every few months. Many report that in the long run this not only results in weight loss, but also increases their energy and improves their health in general.

The exception is the possibility of using fasting to change harmful eating habits in the long term and to understand how the body works. Good preparation is essential for a juice cleanse. This means that the body is not overwhelmed by the switch to a purely liquid diet. It is advisable to prepare your body for this a few days before the start of the treatment and to "wean yourself" from unhealthy eating habits. This includes, for example, avoiding animal protein, sugar, cigarettes, coffee and alcohol and instead drinking lots of water and unsweetened herbal tea. During the entire juice treatment, solid food is avoided in order to relieve and cleanse the body. A juice cleanse can therefore be an effective method to detoxify the body and recharge your batteries.

We are convinced that fasting in shorter, cyclical periods has a greater effect than long fasting periods, as this allows the body to slowly increase its basal metabolic rate. Our IDO customers, who usually carry out three, five or eight day IDO juice cleanses , confirm our conviction.

What trends do you know that have stuck around for so many years? As soon as the beneficial effects of a juice treatment are noticeable, it is no longer referred to as a “cool trend”. In fact, many people describe the juice cleanse as a real aid to feeling comfortable and happy in their own body again. Now it's up to you to try it out for yourself!

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