My first Antidote Cleanse: A field report

Antidote Cleanse

Our good friend and customer Julia just had her first Antidote Cleanse and was kind enough to share her experience with us. We are happy that, after a few initial difficulties, she really liked it. But just read for yourself...

Hello dears, I'm Julia, 23 years old and a law student in Munich. All in all, I would describe myself as a thoroughly nutrition-conscious person. I always pay attention to what I eat - the quality has to be right and it shouldn't be too heavy. I've already dealt with the subject of detox a bit, and I've already completed a therapeutic fasting. However, the topic of Juice Cleanse is fairly new to me. When I found out that my friends were now making their own juice, I couldn't pass up trying it out. I would like to share my experiences with you. In addition, I kept a little diary during my cleanse, which I now want to share at this point.

Day 1 Weight: 53.0 kg

I feel very well after my first day and I don't feel very hungry yet, but I'm a bit colder than usual and I'm feeling a bit tired. This allowed me to fall asleep very quickly. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Day 2 Weight: 52.2 kg

Today I'm really motivated, but already in the morning I have slight concentration problems when working on my seminar paper. When my friend prepared a delicious dinner, I got really jealous. I also took some Schuessler salt. Unlike yesterday, I had some trouble falling asleep. I hope tomorrow it will be easier again.

Day 3 Weight: 51.0 kg

After the first juice in the morning the hunger was gone, but the concentration problems are still there. By noon I was getting a little shaky which extended to a really drained feeling in the afternoon. It looks like it's not a really good day again today.

Unfortunately I had to cancel this cleanse due to persistent concentration problems. My term paper has to be finished - that's the priority! I'll do another five-day Antidote Cleanse after I've dropped it off, and I hope that makes it easier for me. The first conclusion is probably that you really have to give yourself and your body some time, I thought it would be easier for me. After a short break of a few days and the submission of my seminar paper, I want to tackle a 5-day juice detox again. Let's see how it goes this time without all the stress...

Day 1 Weight: 53.3 kg

I felt very good all day, is it because of the free time or because of the juice? I haven't felt hungry yet, but I'm a little colder than usual - I'm really shivering.

Day 2 Weight: 52.0 kg

Today I feel totally balanced, fit and full of energy, let's see what this day brings - I'm going out the door for now. In the afternoon I got hungry again, but I easily got through it until the evening. The Johnny Cashew really hit it and I was able to go to bed full and slept well.

Day 3 Weight: 51.5 kg

Since I'm on the road a lot today, I'll be brief: I feel really great, no comparison to the third day on the first try. Somehow my ginger straight doesn't really go down. I'm really looking forward to the next Pineapple Express - so far it's definitely my favorite!

Day 4 Weight: 50.0 kg

I still feel great! The cravings seem to have gone away slowly - my body seems to be getting used to the whole thing.

Day 5 Weight: 49.7 kg

Today I got up very early and am really looking forward to the juices. Funny that it was so easy for me this time - I'm still proud to have made it in the evening. I still don't feel like having a hearty meal, I'll probably settle for a little salad first.

Conclusion of the days after the cleanse: I have to say, I really miss the juices! Even if I eat something again now, I have no complaints. My friend complained of a slight stomach upset after her cleanse, but I haven't had any trace of that. I didn't see any real change in my skin & hair. All in all, the cleanse was a great experience for me - definitely easier and tastier than the last fasting cure! In any case, I think I'll do the whole thing again, maybe for more than five days. There was a huge difference between my first attempt and the time I did it. So my tip is to get some rest and avoid stressful activities. Thanks to the guys at Antidote, I will definitely recommend you guys!

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