Can you lose weight quickly with a juice diet?

Kann man mit einer Saft Diät schnell abnehmen?

The consumption of five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is recommended. Fruits and vegetables not only contain valuable vitamins, trace elements, minerals and secondary plant substances, but they also help to stimulate the metabolism. But not everyone always finds it easy to consume five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. What could be more appropriate than a juice diet to supply the body with all the essential vitamins and minerals and still shed a few kilos and lose weight. But is it really that simple? Only with juices to get your dream figure? Many health-conscious people regularly follow a juice diet. But is the real reason for this actually losing weight? We want to explain this in this blog post.

What exactly is a juice diet?

On a juice diet, also known as Juice fasting , juice cleanse or juice cure, involves consciously avoiding solid food. Instead, you only consume juices and also plenty of water and tea. So you drink around two liters of fruit and vegetable juice as you wish throughout the day. It should be noted here that if you avoid solid food, it is especially important to drink freshly squeezed juices of raw food quality in order to ensure the highest possible dose of essential vitamins and nutrients. A juice diet is less strict than pure water fasting and can be viewed as a vitamin-rich therapeutic fast.

Green vegetables in a bowl

This is what happens in your body

Switching to liquid food in the form of juice results in weight loss. This is due to various mechanisms. On the one hand, your fat metabolism is activated, i.e. your fat burning is increased. On the other hand, you are in a calorie deficit, which means that you consume fewer calories than you burn. As a result, you reduce more visceral fat, i.e. the unsightly and at the same time extremely unhealthy belly fat. But that's not all. A large part of the kilos lost is due to the dehydration of the body. That may sound contradictory at first, but especially when you want to dehydrate your body, you have to drink a lot.

Is it worth losing weight with a juice diet?

First, the good news: You can definitely lose weight with a juice diet. Pretty easy and quick too. Healthy and slim with a juice cleanse. That sounds fantastic, doesn't it? But now the bad news: caution is advised. If you then fall back into your usual eating habits, the well-known yo-yo effect can set in. Everyone has heard of it, but how does it actually work? The reduced calorie intake leads to an adjustment of your own basal metabolic rate . This is reduced and it can happen that the body thinks: alarm, insufficient supply of calories. As a protective mechanism, the body can switch to starvation metabolism and create reserves more quickly for new emergencies, which is exactly what causes the yo-yo effect. So there is a risk that the pounds will be back on again in no time after you stop the diet.

Bowl with vegetables and eggs

Healthier living through juice diets

The primary motivation for a juice cleanse is usually not pure weight loss. We therefore recommend not viewing the juice cleanse as a diet, but primarily as a cleanse. You can imagine this as a kind of reset so that you can then start again. A juice diet is an ideal starting point for a healthier lifestyle. Because in the long term, diets usually don't work anyway. We recommend a healthy and balanced lifestyle that can be implemented in the long term and is good for you all around.

Conclusion on the juice diet

It is very likely that you can quickly lose a few kilos on a juice diet. However, you should note that the pounds you lose quickly are often back on your hips just as quickly. There is no point in a juice diet starving yourself down to your dream figure and risking the yo-yo effect at the same time. If you want to lose weight in the long term, it is better to concentrate on long-term changes through conscious changes to your diet and, if necessary, a juice diet starting point view.