Fit! Fit! Hooray! — I·DO Bio welcomes the Fit Team Munich as a partner

Fit Team
Fit Team is a professional agency for personal trainers on an international level. The first Fit Team was founded in Munich in 2008, today the Fit Team Group GmbH operates more than 9 locations throughout the German-speaking area. Furthermore, Fit Team Group runs the Personal Trainer Academy and places qualified personal trainers abroad.

The demands on every fit team, personal trainer and training session are extremely high. Fit Team only recommends natural foods to its customers. The raw state of the I·DO organic juices in combination with the HPP process meets the high demands of the Fit Team and the naturalness of the food is a means for many physical improvements that benefit health. With I·DO Bio, Fit Team has found a partner who is pursuing the same goals - to improve people's health.

From now on, our I·DO organic juices and the I·DO organic cleanse programs can be obtained from a training program at the Fit Team Munich at special conditions. Simply contact your personal trainer. We wish you every success in achieving your dream figure and of course a delicious treat before or after training!

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