Collection: juice cleanses

Experience a journey for the senses with our organic juice treatments. Our tasting package offers you the opportunity to taste our entire range of bottles and experience the exceptional I·DO raw food quality. From the tried-and-tested organic juice compositions to the intensive ginger shots to the special Active Lemonade - every bottle promises purity, freshness and well-being. Our juices are cold pressed to preserve all the valuable nutrients and 100% organic to guarantee you the best quality. No matter whether you choose the organic juice day, the 3-day juice treatment or the 5-day balance juice treatment, you will feel the benefits of a juice treatment in every bottle.

Would you like to taste your way through the range and experience a special treat? Then the I·DO Bio sample package with our entire range of bottles is just right for you. Try a total of 12 different I·DO organic juices, shots and drinks and find your favourites. From the proven eight organic juice compositions to the three intensive ginger shots to the special Active Lemonade - the package is a journey for the senses and will convince you of the extraordinary I·DO raw food quality.

Why I·DO ?


    We press our juices cold, ie no heat is used in our production. In this way, all heat-sensitive substances such as vitamins, fibers and other nutrients are retained during pressing.


    100% organic. We have attached great importance to ensuring that all ingredients for our I·DO products are produced organically and in an ecologically sound manner.
We also prioritize sustainable production methods.


    Cold-pressed, but still pasteurized? That's out of the question for us! At I·DO, we use ultra-high pressure to preserve our juices.


    Our juice cleanse comes with instructions and a comprehensive juice cleanse app, which I will accompany you step by step during your fasting.


    Juice fasting is effortless and can be done by anyone. No time-consuming shopping for fruit and no need to press the juices yourself at home.