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Double-walled glass tea bottle

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We recommend you take it daily during your juice cleanse . Drink at least 1 liter of tea. With this slim, double-walled glass bottle you can prepare your organic fasting tea and enjoy several cups in a relaxed manner. The double-walled insulated bottle keeps the tea warm for a long time, but always remains pleasantly cool on the outside. Ideal for on the go or if you want to take the fasting tea with you to the office, for example. With the removable, two-part stainless steel tea strainer, you can prepare not only tea but also infused water or iced tea according to your preferences. The beautiful bamboo lid with engraving gives the glass bottle an elegant look.

Capacity: 450 ml

that includes this juice cleanse



Weight: 0.4kg
Size: 8 × 8 × 30cm


Doppelwandige Teeflasche aus Glas - Bio Kräutertee-

✓ Keeps your fasting tea warm for a long time
✓ Double-walled glass bottle with stainless steel tea strainer
✓For approx. 3-4 cups
✓ High-quality bamboo lid with engraving
✓ Durable and easy to clean


What is I·DO?

Our mission is to enable you to live a healthier, longer and more sustainable life with high-quality organic juices and foods. As a specialized juice manufacturer from Munich, we have been focusing on special organic juice creations in raw food quality since our foundation in 2014.

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What makes I DO special?

I·DO organic juices and ginger shots are ultra-fresh, 100% organic and never heated. The fruit and vegetables in our premium raw food products are freshly harvested and pressed every week. Most of the ingredients are grown exclusively for us in controlled organic quality. Whenever possible, we work with local farmers and cooperatives in the immediate vicinity of our production facility in Spain. Short distances and small batches ensure excellent product quality and the smallest possible ecological footprint.

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How is it delivered?

Always chilled by refrigerated parcel. Your parcel will usually arrive within two to four working days.

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How much is the shipping?

The shipping and packaging costs depend on the parcel weight and delivery location. There is a practical shipping costs calculator in the shopping cart.

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How long do I·DO organic juices keep?

The I·DO organic juices are preserved using the HPP process. As a rule, the products can be kept for several weeks - but at least 10 days - after leaving the warehouse.

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Where can I return the deposit?

The bottles made from recycled PET are part of the deposit system. You can return them throughout Germany at any supermarket or point of sale with other deposit products.

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