Recipe: Smoothie Bowl with Pineapple Express

Smoothie Bowl mit Pineapple Express Rezept

Recipe: Smoothie Bowl with Pineapple Express

With delicious ingredients refined with our I·DO Pineapple Express, you can conjure up a refreshing bowl in the morning in no time at all. We owe this great recipe to our teammate Eva , who not only has a trained eye for the best recipes, but is also a prospective vegan nutritionist. So you not only start your day in an enjoyable way, but also in a healthy way. Just try it and enjoy it!


Recipe: for 1 person, double the amount for 2 people.

  1. 250g plant-based sugar-free yoghurt (e.g. Alpro Natur unsweetened)

  2. 150-200g frozen berries

  3. 125ml Pineapple Express by I DO

  4. Optional: half a (frozen) banana


Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix everything well.

Toppings: berries, coconut chips, grated almonds, nuts, granola ... everything your heart desires.

Bowl with exotic freshness

Getting your bowl in the morning has never been easier. With our I DO Pineapple Passion you can conjure up the exotic freshness of pineapple in your bowl in no time. Whether for breakfast on hot summer days or as a refreshing snack in between.

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