I DO Organic Juice in Düsseldorf: From now on at Laura's Deli.

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With LAURA'S DELI in Düsseldorf, Laura Koerver wants to create a gastronomy concept that integrates conscious and healthy eating into people's everyday lives. So the shop is an ideal partner for us because the mission is the same. So last week she opened her own restaurant in Düsseldorf. A lifelong dream and a heart project, but one with a concept and a goal. She knows from her own experience how difficult it is to integrate a healthy and balanced diet into everyday life.

Laura and her team see the concept as a contemporary interpretation of the needs of a young, urban target group that is striving to move away from nutrient-poor fast food and cheap production methods towards enjoyment, quality and a balanced diet.

Our aim is not just to sell food, drinks or coffee, but to offer a holistic concept that optimally complements the everyday life and lifestyle of our generation. The diverse range of products is based on original ingredients that are creatively combined using innovative recipes and based on the example of international metropolises such as New York, Los Angeles or London.

If you want to stop by the new highlight of Düsseldorf:
Laura's Deli
Carlsplatz 1
D-40213 Dusseldorf


The entire I·DO Bio team wishes Laura a good start. We are pleased that more and more people are realizing how much a healthy lifestyle contributes to well-being.