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How can you contact the I·DO Bio team personally?

The best way to reach the I·DO team is by email:

How did I·DO come about?

In 2013, the founders of I·DO began pressing juices by hand - using a small Norwalk cold press - in a Munich backyard kitchen for online sales. During the week, mainly boxes were packed and juices were delivered - those who drew the short match were then allowed to travel almost 300km after a weekend of hard pressing work to put the juices under high pressure.

The team was officially founded in 2014. While the founders financed the first year out of their own pockets, the first round of financing was completed a short time later.

In 2015, just one year after it was founded, the first experiences with trading were gained. Only a short time later, the boys from Munich were able to convince Germany's largest organic retailer of their homemade juices. It didn't take long until the juices could be found in refrigerated shelves all over Germany.

In 2016, the Greens converted an old butcher's shop in Glonn into a modern, vegan juice production facility according to IFS standards. The necessary certificates and sufficient raw materials for large-scale sales in food retail provided the necessary know-how on the way to the professionalization of production and sales.

There are now over fifteen employees working at the proud juice shop, and the number is rising. Organic and selected supermarkets are supplied with liquid salad and the like across national borders. The new brand now opens a new chapter.


With innovative production methods and first-class organic ingredients, I·DO has revolutionized the juice market. Whether at home or in the office, I·DO delivers chilled juice directly to you. Our products are also available in many organic markets and selected supermarkets. I·DO attaches great importance to sustainability, not only in the purely organic ingredients, but also in the entire production chain. This is supported by various certificates:

  • Organic certification according to EC standards
  • A production that is certified according to IFS standards
  • A certification from Climate Partner for CO2 compensation. We are pursuing a consistent plan to reduce CO2 emissions. We offset the unavoidable emissions through verified climate protection projects.
Is it possible to cooperate with I·DO Bio?

All cooperation requests can be sent by email to . The I DO Social Media Team will get back to you as soon as possible.


The company I·DO has made it its mission to act sustainably and not only to do something good for people with organic juices but also to protect the environment.

From harvesting the ingredients, to manufacturing and packaging the products, to delivering the juices - I·DO tries to implement a holistic, sustainable approach.

That's why only organic ingredients are used to make the juices. These are purchased from certified producers in Bioland or Demeter quality , but at least according to the EC organic standard. The purpose of this is to produce a healthy product for I·DO customers that is free of pesticides. Anything that isn't organic doesn't go into the bottles!

Further information, innovations and current developments can always be found in the I·DO magazine .

retail trade

Is the I·DO organic juice treatment also available in retail stores?

Unfortunately, most stores neither have all the varieties for a juice cleanse nor enough juice to last for several days. The I·DO organic juice cleanses are best ordered directly online, so all important information about the respective juice cleanse can be added to the package.

Which I·DO products can be purchased in retail stores?

Not all products can be purchased in retail stores. . The existing range is determined by the respective market and can be requested on site.

The market you want is not there? I·DO Support will be happy to help.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Send us an email to let us know what's going on and a customer service representative will contact you as soon as possible.
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