The summer stays hot: BIG MELONS - Now new!

Big Melons - Antidote Juice

Finally the time has come, after a long fine-tuning of our latest recipe, we present you the number eight in our lineup: Big Melons. Refreshing and extra hydrating, this juice is perfect for a hot summer. For everyone who doesn't let the heat stop them from exercising or just wants to chill out by the pool.

From now on you can do without sweetened, artificially flavored soft and sports drinks. The high water content of a sweet watermelon combined with the calming effects of mint will help keep you cool. Be sure to try it right away, because this seasonal drink is limited and only available for a short time!

Refreshing & hydrating
Perfect as a sports drink
Rich in minerals

big melons

Ideal for sports or as a refreshment by the pool - the summer stays hot!