Good things even better: The I·DO celery juice is now even tastier

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Good things even better: The I·DO celery juice is now even tastier

We are always striving to improve our products. We always have the highest standards for ourselves, so that the good becomes even better. Today we are particularly proud of our celery juice in the 3L storage pack. Through our attention to detail and the utmost care in every step of the work, we are convinced that - if at all - only professionally pressed celery juice can surpass our darling. Let's dive into what makes I·DO Celery Juice so irresistible and why it's even tastier now.

Best organic quality

As with all I·DO products, we attach great importance to the best organic quality when it comes to celery juice. Because conventional celery is one of the so-called “ dirty dozen ”, one of the most contaminated types of vegetables. Since we deliberately reject the use of pesticides and other chemicals, we only obtain our fruit and vegetables from selected and certified organic farmers who do not use pesticides.

regionality and seasonality

Celery is in season from May to September, sometimes also in October and November. During these months we obtain the celery from local German cultivation. The vegetables grow near Nuremberg and the farmer we trust only harvests the best produce. Since we do not live in a subtropical climate in Germany, which allows cultivation all year round, the season slowly comes to an end here in autumn and we depend on the help of our neighboring countries to be able to provide you with delicious celery juice all year round. Our friend and supplier Sergio, who has a farm in Italy, helps us to get through the winter months. Here, too, the celery is carefully selected in order to combine quality and regionality in the best possible way.

Processing: this is how our favorite juice is made from the green perennial

Celery juice is made from celery stalks, not celeriac. A stick of celery, also known as celery, consists of about 10 sticks. For this purpose, the crispy fresh sticks from our family production are first washed with water to remove natural dirt residues. Then it's time for the juicer: The fibers that are often so annoying are filtered out and the liquid from the celery sticks remains. We press the juice cold and compared to conventional juices, our juice is not heated afterwards, i.e. not pasteurized. Instead, it is preserved by pressure, a particularly gentle method that allows all nutrients, vitamins and taste to be preserved - for the full effect to unfold. This is how our cold-pressed celery juice is made in real raw food quality .

Why we love our organic cold-pressed celery juice so much

Through the most careful selection of our production sites and the best preparation, we can proudly say that we love our celery juice: whether before breakfast or as a refreshment in between. Since celery consists of 90 percent water, the juice is one of the lowest-calorie of our I·DO juices with just 19kcal per 100ml and is therefore also an excellent addition to our juice cure.

Mild in taste, wild in effect

Not only do many celery fans swear by the vegetable juice, but we don't want to do without our glass of celery juice anymore. After re-examining all production steps, we can now say that our 3 liter bag-in-box celery juice is better than ever. You can get our green vitamin booster in a practical 3 liter storage pack for your fridge at home to tap yourself . The best of 9.5kg of the best celery and a lemon from certified organic farming will keep you supplied for many days. Fresh from the field into the box . We wish you a lot of fun tapping and enjoy.

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