Why cold-pressed juice and what does it actually mean?

Kaltgepresster Saft

Quite simply: The pressing processes and pasteurization used in conventional juice production destroy vitamins and secondary plant substances. For the production of our juices, we only use cell-friendly manufacturing processes and do not use pasteurization at all.

This is incredibly time-consuming - after all, we process up to 3kg of ingredients per bottle. But this is the only way we can guarantee that our juices contain the best of the best from fresh fruit and vegetables. And a lot of that. Since we only use ingredients from controlled ecological cultivation in the production and do not use any additives at all, this is natural raw food to drink.

Cold press vs regular juicers

I make my own juice, isn't that also cold-pressed?

In conventional juicers, the high speed of the juicing unit generates heat and, above all, the rotation of the pressing blade traps a lot of oxygen, which leads to faster oxidation. This has an extremely negative effect on the nutrient content of the juice. Only through gentle cold pressing are all important nutrients fully preserved.

»Cold pressing applies tons of hydraulic pressure to squeeze the best out of our fruit & veg. This is neither the fastest nor the easiest way to get the juice, but the best and gentlest - I promise.«

Never heated!

A fresh juice must never be heated! All juices and smoothies previously available in German restaurants and supermarkets are pasteurized - 'gentle pasteurization' is nothing but a marketing gimmick!

Pasteurization destroys all the important vitamins and enzymes in the juice. Therefore, we will never boil our juice but always fill it directly and freshly. With the innovative HPP process, we have found a way to make our juice last longer without destroying its fresh properties.

Pasteurized juices have been heavily criticized by health experts for years. The main problem: they are pasteurized to kill bacteria and extend their shelf life. Now, however, there are also cold-pressed juices in Germany, which have long been a hit in New York and LA. These last up to eight weeks thanks to the HPP process.

Juice, the pure juice and nothing but juice

As a healthy refreshment in between or as a treatment lasting several days. It works.