Juice, instantly, great with Foodora! I·DO Juice is now delivered directly to your home or office in Munich.

Foodora Bio Säfte

Many have already missed our direct delivery. For others it was unaffordable. Now we're making everyone happy: we've teamed up with the delivery experts at Foodora. So you can get your juice every day at low cost without even having to step outside the front door.

Foodora is a delivery service for fine dining restaurants. We never boil our juices. Nevertheless, the concept also fits perfectly with our fresh juices. So you can now - very easily - have your favorite juices, or a whole I·DO Bio Cleanse, delivered directly to your office or home.

Simply enter your address at Foodora and you will see all the restaurants in your catchment area. I·DO is available throughout Munich city center and can be ordered there between 11:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

In this way, we can reduce our delivery costs for direct delivery from the previous €20 to just €2.90. It gets even better: With the voucher code AntidotePink, I·DO customers can currently order from Foodora free of charge. Great, is not it? Have you ever ordered with Foodora? Are you satisfied with the service? Tell us in the comments.