discount battle?

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discount battle? Why we also have a discount until Monday.

In the past few years , Black Friday has become a huge thing . Time and time again you see people trampling on each other in search of the best deal, or fighting over the last piece of a coveted item. Isn't special prudence necessary in these times?

We thought long and hard about whether we wanted to make a significant offer on this day again this year. In the end we were convinced: Many are probably already excited about this year's deals.

Above all, we want to say THANK YOU with our offer. After all, it is traditional Thanksgiving time. Mother Nature has been extremely kind to us this year — at least when it comes to fruit and vegetables .

Our products are extremely complex to manufacture, are full of selected, high-quality organic ingredients and therefore have their price - especially compared to the usual mass-produced items. It goes without saying that some people think twice before accessing it.

Today you can fill up the fridge with fresh juices and shots without investing a small fortune ;).

Thanks also to our dear customers. We are proud to be a real companion in everyday life for some of you. Thank you for keeping our juicers running even in these crazy times by thirsting for carrot kid and co.

Thanks also to our employees, who, among other things, help our retail partners and do their best work under the difficult conditions of the pandemic.

We are convinced that our products make a meaningful contribution to a balanced diet. We are incredibly pleased how many of you feel the same way and tell us about your favorite varieties in reviews and on the phone. It doesn't matter whether it's for practical reasons or simply because the fresh taste has fascinated you.

So this year we have a 25% discount on our entire range from Friday to Monday as a thank you .

Everyone who finally wants to do a juice cleanse (again) or simply wants to stock up the fridge with fresh juices and shots has this year's last opportunity to order from us — at a particularly reasonable price .

See you soon,
stay safe
& keep smiling

Your I DO team

Until Monday there is a 25% discount on all products

With the code:

Minimum order value 50€

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