Juice cure in Switzerland? Now in the Reformhaus!

Ido Bio Saftkur in der Schweiz?

Juice cure in Switzerland? Buy organic juices from I·DO in the health food store now!

For years we have been asked when our juice cure will finally be available in Switzerland and so far we have unfortunately only been able to refer to the complex situation in this regard with fresh products . We are therefore pleased to announce that all important products for the I·DO juice cure are finally available in stores in Switzerland. Since recently you can find Karotte Kid & Co. in all branches of the REFORMHAUS .

These include the five well-known health food brands:

  • Egli Organic

  • MÜLLER health food store

  • vital.point

  • Reformhaus Ruprecht

  • Haas drugstore

This means that I DO is present in almost all of Switzerland , including in Aarau, Baden, Basel, Bern (5 branches), Chur, Emmen, Frauenfeld, Herisau, Lucerne, Olten, Rapperswil (2 branches), Solothurn, St.Gallen ( 2 branches), Ticino (2 branches), Thun, Wettingen, Winterthur, Zug, Zurich (6 branches) and in the beautiful Lake Zurich (6 branches) .

All participating stores in the Soviet Republic are also very easy to find at a glance in our I·DO branch finder with location-based search.

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