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Liquid Salad (6 x 240 ml)

Organic vegetable juice with cucumber, spinach, celery, apple, lemon and spirulina

Raw food quality · Cold pressed · Never heated

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✓ The daily portion of greens to drink
✓ with spirulina and vitamin C
✓ Refreshing taste with lemon and apple
✓ Perfect for in between or for your juice cleanse

Our Liquid Salad is more than just an organic vegetable juice. It is your daily portion of vegetables and fruit to drink. The cold-pressed juice is a real nutrient bomb and also convinces with its fresh taste. A squeeze of lemon makes sure of that. Perfect as a drinking pleasure in between or as a tasty refreshment during your juice cleanse.

that includes this juice cleanse


100% field-fresh organic ingredients from strictly controlled organic farming.

✓ Cucumber (39.9%)
✓ Apple
✓ Spinach (21 %)
✓ Celery (10 %)
✓ Lemon
✓ Spirulina
✓ Antioxidant: ascorbic acid

Liquid Salad is a gently produced, balanced composition of 71% vegetable and 29% fruit juice.


Average nutritional values ​​per 100ml

Energy value 116 kJ / 28 kcal
Fat 0.5g
– thereof total fatty acids 0.1 g
carbohydrates 4.3 g
– of which sugar 3.9 g
proteins 1.1 g
Salt 0.1g

*Reference amount for an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)


Chilled at 0-6°C.
Organic control body ES-ECO-019-CT EU/non-EU agriculture. Cold-pressed organic vegetable juice with cucumber, spinach, celery, apple, lemon and spirulina 6 x 240 ml

Liquid Salad - Gemüse Saftkur
Liquid Salad - Safttag
Liquid Salad - Saftkur bestellen

With valuable ingredients such as:

  • Cucumber

  • Apple

  • Spinach

  • Green celery

The cucumber not only cuts a fine figure in salads – it has also become a real star in drinks. The pumpkin plant is also a real slimmer. Since a cucumber consists mostly of water, 100 grams have just 12 calories.

On average, Germans eat around 19 kilograms of apples per year. This makes pome fruit by far the most popular type of fruit in this country. And if you want to eat an apple, you are spoiled for choice: around 1,500 different varieties grow in Germany. There are even around 4,500 worldwide. For our I·DO juices, we mainly use Granny Smith and Golden Delicious to refine the taste in optimal interaction with the other ingredients.

Although spinach is often seen as typically German, the leafy vegetable most likely originated in the Middle East. He first became known to the rest of Europe via Spain. Today, spinach can be found in almost every kitchen in the world. Because of its mild, nutty flavor, young baby spinach is also a popular ingredient in salads. The intense green color comes from the high chlorophyll content, which is why spinach is often used to color other foods such as pasta.

Whether as a raw food snack, in sauces, soups, steamed as vegetables or as organic celery juice - hardly any vegetable is as versatile as celery. A distinction is made between celeriac and celery root, with our I·DO juices only using organically grown green celery root. Celery was not allowed to be grown as a vegetable in this country until the 18th century. Before that, the cultivation was reserved exclusively for monasteries, since the umbelliferous plant was considered a purely medicinal plant. No wonder, because celery contains many valuable plant substances such as polyphenols and potassium, which are said to help with rheumatic complaints and high blood pressure. In stick form, celery tastes mildly spicy and is very fresh thanks to its juicy, crunchy consistency.

Why I·DO?


    We press our juices cold, ie no heat is used in our production. In this way, all heat-sensitive substances such as vitamins, fibers and other nutrients are retained during pressing.


    100% organic. Since day one, we have attached great importance to the fact that all the ingredients for our I·DO products are produced in a biologically and ecologically harmless manner. In addition, our priority is sustainable production.


    Cold-pressed, but still pasteurized? That's out of the question for us! At I·DO we work with ultra high pressure to preserve our juices.


    Our juice cleanse comes with instructions and a comprehensive juice cleanse app, which I will accompany you step by step during your fasting.


    Juice fasting is effortless and can be done by everyone. No time-consuming shopping for fruit or pressing the juice yourself at home is necessary.


What is I·DO?

Our mission is to enable you to live a healthier, longer and more sustainable life with high-quality organic juices and foods.
As a specialized juice manufacturer from Munich, we have been concentrating on special organic juice creations in raw food quality since our foundation in 2014.

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What makes I·DO so special?

I·DO organic juices and ginger shots are ultra-fresh, 100% organic and never heated. The fruit and vegetables in our premium raw food products are freshly harvested and pressed every week. Most of the ingredients are grown exclusively for us in controlled organic quality. Whenever possible, we work with local farmers and cooperatives in the immediate vicinity of our production facility in Spain. Short distances and small batches ensure excellent product quality and the smallest possible ecological footprint.

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How is it delivered?

Always freshly chilled with a cooling pack. Your package will usually be with you after two to four working days.

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How much is the shipping?

The shipping and packaging costs depend on the parcel weight and delivery location. There is a practical shipping costs calculator in the shopping cart.

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How long do I·DO organic juices keep?

I·DO organic juices are preserved using the HPP process. As a rule, the products can be kept for several weeks - but at least 10 days - after leaving the warehouse.

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Where can I return the deposit?

The bottles made from recycled PET are part of the deposit system. You can in every supermarket and at every point of sale throughout Germany return with other deposit products.

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