New look for the I·DO R-PET bottles

Kaltgepresste Säfte

From January 2022: New look for the I DO R-PET bottles

We're starting the new year with a fresh look. With the design update of all I·DO R-PET bottles, we continue to focus on the quality of our juices and start the new year with an independent, unmistakable and dynamic look: What remains: Our claim to offer you only the best and uncompromisingly fresh juices in raw food quality of special quality.

Design update for unmistakable "I DO Look"

Just in time for the new year, we are sending our I DO R-PET bottles to the online shop with a design update. A lot has happened since it was founded in 2014. We have always remained true to our mission of enabling you to live a healthier, longer and more sustainable life with high-quality organic drinks and food. With the new look, we are putting our logo more in the foreground and thus strengthening brand perception - online and in the supermarket.

Designs as refreshing and colorful as the cold-pressed juice itself

With the redesign, we have also remained true to our recognition value, the green cover. The new labels are colourful, dynamic and refreshing. At least as refreshing as the juice itself. Each type of juice has its own bright color and reflects the freshness power of raw vegetable juices . This makes enjoying juice even more fun!

Deposit update for the new year

There is also an update in terms of deposit . From January 2022 you will find the deposit symbol on all I DO R-PET juice bottles. The aim is to keep as much plastic in the cycle as possible and to reduce the production of new plastic. You as a consumer can easily help by bringing I·DO returnable bottles back to your local supermarket and thus contribute to the circular economy. For more information, visit our sustainability and recycling page.

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