We are happy to be part of the deposit system

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We are happy to be part of the deposit system

Less waste and more recycling - that speaks for deposit. We at I·DO have been committed to the environment from the very beginning. Our products are carbon neutral and our bottles are made from 100% recycled R-PET. We are proud to take the next step and to be part of the deposit system in Germany from January 2022. Find out more about our packaging, what we do for sustainability and what the forthcoming compulsory deposit means for you as a consumer.

Our most sustainable juice bottle

All I·DO juice bottles are made from 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (R-PET). We made a conscious choice to use recycled PET to reduce and recycle packaging waste. But what is R-PET anyway? Recycled PET is not newly produced PET from petroleum, a finite resource, but PET that has previously been used in packaging and has been recycled through recycling processes for reuse. Life cycle assessments clearly show that recycled PET has a lower carbon footprint than newly produced PET. This most sustainable juice bottle allows us to support the circular economy in the best possible way.

Why we are deposit advocates

The Federal Environment Agency assumes a return rate of 96% for returnable bottles. The deposit system is therefore a clear incentive to return bottles to the cycle. Because only when bottles are brought back can they be properly sorted and recycled. Recycling avoids waste and the returnable bottle can be used to create new packaging. In this way we can save resources together and contribute to climate protection.

Deposit on the I·DO bottles

We want to keep as much plastic in the cycle as possible and reduce the production of new plastic. For this reason, you will find the deposit symbol on all I DO R-PET juice bottles from January 2022. We support the forthcoming legal deposit obligation , which states that from January 1st, 2022, a deposit will have to be paid for disposable plastic bottles. The basis for this is the Packaging Act, which is now being implemented in Germany.

What can I do as a consumer for the sake of the environment?

If you want to shop in an environmentally friendly way, it is best to use regional products and bottles with a deposit. In order for the whole thing to really work, returnable bottles should always end up in the deposit machine. You can conveniently hand in I·DO returnable bottles at your local supermarket or wherever drinks subject to a deposit are sold. The deposit machine, your wallet and the environment will be happy. And we with you. Yay!

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