Juice fasting successfully completed – what now? Everything for the time after the juice cleanse


We want to give you the easiest and most successful juice fasting experience possible. This is essential for this preparation , execution and of course the follow-up. That's why you'll find out everything you need to know in this 3-part juice guide series. This post is about juice fasting phase 3, the building phase. First of all, congratulations, you have successfully mastered the juice cleanse. We are proud of you! Here you can find out what happens next.


You have successfully completed the juice cleanse. During juice fasting I consciously avoided solid food and instead consumed it exclusively Juices of the highest raw food quality replaced. With willpower and perseverance, you managed to drastically change your diet during the fasting period. This develops a new body feeling, which is characterized, for example, by a heightened awareness of the distinction between appetite and hunger.

Change into a new everyday life

Now it is possible to mindfully internalize the newly learned knowledge and incorporate it into everyday life in the future. This way you avoid falling back into unwanted habits. Every beginning is difficult! If, for example, in the last few days of the Avoid nicotine, caffeine or alcohol If you have succeeded, this can serve as an incentive to stick with it and avoid it in the future.

“After the juice fast is before the juice fast”!

The body has now gotten used to the liquid form of nutrition and as a result of the calorie deficit, the stomach has also shrunk somewhat. That's why it's important to get your body back on track slowly normal getting used to food. Especially on the first day after juice fasting, it is advisable - even if it is difficult - to eat mostly soups Raw food to nourish. In the following 2 days it is also advisable to carefully get your body used to solid food again. For example, the Recipes for the Preparation of the juice treatment serve as a recommendation.

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