Body & Mind fasting cure: Meet fasting expert Katya

Fastenkur zu Hause

Together with fasting expert and nutrition coach Katya Bedrik, we designed the Body & Mind fasting treatment - a holistic fasting program for at home. The 7-day treatment is designed to bring body and mind into balance, release new energy and gather strength for a new phase of life. At the start of the fasting program , we spoke to Katya to find out more about her and her fasting journey.

Hello Katya, please introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself.

Hey! I'm Katya and I live in Berlin with my two children and my partner. I am a medically certified fasting leader and nutrition coach and founded my company FrauWow in 2020. There I accompany women in monthly fasting online courses. I help them learn to eat healthier and use fasting to get closer to themselves in order to have more energy and joy in life in everyday life.

How did you come to fasting?

Fasting has been with me all my life. I was born in Kazakhstan and Russian culture has had a big influence on me. Naturopathy played a major role there because people lived in very uncertain conditions and were often left to fend for themselves when they were sick. Fasting is very important here. Almost every illness has been treated with the help of fasting. So, as a child, I learned that fasting is a good thing. Then the topic disappeared from my life. I got back into it in my twenties. I learned about the Buchinger method and fasted alone at home. At first my motivation, like many others, was purely physical. I wanted to heal my gut and get rid of skin blemishes. However, with each fasting regimen, I noticed more and more benefits, it felt like I was getting closer to myself, understanding myself better. I also fasted to strengthen my body after my second pregnancy and long breastfeeding. This is where the idea of ​​doing more with fasting arose for the first time. And since I was dissatisfied with my job as a stylist in the fashion industry, I enrolled in training at the German Fasting Academy and at the same time started offering online fasting courses for women. This is where FrauWow came into being.

What does training to become a state-certified fasting leader look like?

I am glad that I chose the German Fasten Academy ( dfa ) as my training center. This training lasts 5 modules, is taught by excellent lecturers and is medically examined at the end. The dfa is in close contact with the Immanuel Hospital, the naturopathic clinic of the Charit é Berlin, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Michaelsen. There is a research department here where fasting is investigated on a study-based basis. The training was life-changing for me. Not only did I learn how professional fasting support works , but I also made friends for life.

What fascinates you about fasting?

A simple insight: By consciously abstaining from food , you really learn to appreciate it . Nobody can claim to know the full enjoyment if he or she has not fasted before. A completely new world of appreciation and enjoyment opens up when you consciously practice renunciation.

How would you describe the physical and mental experiences of fasting?

At first, fasting can be overwhelming. Quite natural, because a large area of ​​life is simply eliminated, namely food. I recommend thinking in advance about what would be a good replacement to fill the freed up time. Anything that brings joy is allowed. The physical and mental experiences can then be very different. I just feel light myself. Digestion is inactive and the energy the body used to digest is now available for other things. For example, I become very creative and feel the urge to develop in new areas. Others are simply very happy that they have had a flat stomach for years, without bloating or pain, or they are amazed that they don't get black in the face even though they go without food for days. Fasting meets everyone where they are at, and that's what I like about it.

What have been your best experiences with fasting participants so far?

There are some! One participant came because she was suffering from a bad migraine. She had severe headaches almost every day and couldn't find any remedies that would help her long-term. During my 14-day course, she was pain-free apart from the first day and the attacks stopped after the course.

Another participant was able to stop taking her thyroid medication after the course. These are great milestones, but they require a lot of cooperation and perseverance even after the course.

I'm always touched by those new to fasting who don't dare to fast for a long time and then decide to come to my course after months and are so surprised at themselves. It makes me happy to see how my participants discovered the strength within themselves, just as I did.

Why do you think everyone should try fasting?

Many people are dissatisfied with their bodies . They are unhappy about their appearance or about having a few extra pounds. They condemn their bodies and sometimes even consider them ugly. Pretty mean, right? When fasting you get a very good feeling for how reliably and diligently your body is working for you. Fasters often feel compassion for their bodies. You realize that there are reasons why he looks the way he does. This can be the first step towards more self -love and appreciation.

How do you manage to take the first step and get involved in the fasting experience?

Honest? Make it easy! As with so many things in life. Otherwise our little heads will come up and find a lot of excuses as to why this doesn't fit. If someone is thinking about fasting, there must be a reason for it. Be sure to first clarify whether there are any contraindications and then look for the right companion, register and off you go! And yes, it also works alongside work, at home and with children.

How has fasting changed your life?

I made a career out of something I love. Is there anything more beautiful?

What was important to you when developing the Body & Mind fasting cure?

By developing the fasting cure box, I would like to offer as many people as possible simple and uncomplicated access to fasting. I kept receiving requests for a week-long course and recommendations for purchasing fasting items. This is how the idea came about to offer an all-in-one box that makes flexible fasting possible at the desired date in your own four walls. With I·DO I found a great partner for the implementation and I am proud that the program was implemented according to my ideas.

Who can you recommend this fasting plan to?
The fasting program is aimed at everyone who wants to experience fasting without effort and according to their own rhythm. There is no need for time-consuming research and shopping. Thanks to the step-by-step instructions and daily support, no questions remain unanswered and you can experience your fasting journey with all your senses. All fasting tools are of high quality and can be used again and again without any problem. Since I pay a lot of attention to the quality of my diet, it was also very important to me that the box only contains organic food from controlled cultivation.

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