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Die I·DO Reset Cleanse

Finally there is something new from us again. In recent years we have gained a lot of experience and have constantly worked to improve our offering. We are constantly creating new recipes. For example, our ever-popular superfood juice with maca. However, nothing has changed in our juice cleanse offer for a long time.

Our two juice cleanses - I·DO Cleanse & I·DO Super Green Cleanse - are simply designed so that not much else is needed. All recipes and the order of the juices are designed to get you through the day perfectly and relaxed. The large number of our satisfied customers speaks for itself.

There are now a large number of providers on the German market. We are still sure: our offer is unmatched. Because we don't make any compromises. For example, have you noticed that many suppliers only have half (to two thirds) of the amount of juice in the bottle (250-350ml). However, for a proper cleanse it is important to supply the body with exactly the right amount of nutrients. A (barely) half liter (473ml) is and remains the correct dose per juice. Don't settle for less - we've got you covered!

Another topic - which we consider to be extremely important and where we have differentiated ourselves from the majority of others since the beginning - is organic. What is the point of a juice cleanse that is said to have a detoxifying effect if at the same time you are consuming toxins (e.g. from pesticides)? For us, Juice Cleansing is simply conceivable only with organic ingredients. Point. Think about it ;).

There are many other topics that could be addressed at this point. For now, however, we'll just stick with a product announcement: As young entrepreneurs, but also as private individuals, this year we once again realized how stressful the entire Christmas season can be. Everyone should hit the reset button every now and then. Regardless of whether you have made good resolutions for the New Year and want to finally throw bad habits overboard, or you simply want to give yourself and your body a break after all the festive gluttony: the I·DO Reset Cleanse is a real juice cleanse 6 juices of 473ml each daily (a total of almost 3l of cold-pressed juice per day) and can help you achieve a new body feeling. Maca is the perfect kickstarter to your day. A good portion of salad for the As we all know, having lunch never hurt anyone. And anyone who has ever done our Antidote Super Green Cleanse will certainly confirm that our “The Cure” gets you to bed happy.

antidote maca superfood powder

With the new I·DO Reset Cleanse, you avoid solid food for a few days and replace it with six fruit and vegetable juices a day. Since we completely avoid pasteurization, Antidote Juice is healthy raw food to drink. Here is an overview of the juices contained in the juice treatment:

    1. Macaf**ka
      Maca · Grapefruit · Apple

    1. Pineapple Express
      Pineapple · Apple · Mint

    1. Liquid Salad
      Kale · Spinach · Celery · Romaine Lettuce · Cucumber · Apple · Ginger · Lemon · Parsley

    1. Carrot Kid
      Carrot · Turmeric · Orange · Lemon

    1. Just beet it!
      Beetroot · Carrot · Goji · Lemon · Apple

We are really excited to see how the new cleanse arrives with you. Everyone in our team who has already tried them is thrilled. By the way: For a real detox experience, we recommend doing the juice treatment for at least five days. It is only after three to four days that the body really begins to adjust to it. The detox symptoms disappear and you can feel that something is changing.

In our FAQ section you will find detailed information about our juice cleanses. Why is a juice cleanse useful? We'll answer it for you. If you still have questions , write to our juice guru Alex.

We hope you enjoy the holidays as much as we do.
We're happy to help you with your New Year's resolutions.
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