10 tips to start the summer healthy

10 Tipps zur Gesunde Ernährung

The head is heavy, the muscles are weak, the winter was long. But from now on it's time to get out of bed again - summer is here! So that you are perfectly prepared for the active season and can easily withstand any heat wave, we reveal the best tricks and tips so that you feel completely comfortable and fit this summer!

1. Do sport - a suffering shared is a suffering halved

Your motivation is low again and you just can't bring yourself to exercise? Arrange to meet up with friends to exercise. Together you can motivate and support each other much better - be it outdoors or virtually via video transmission.

2. Avoid stress

Stress hormones are not only an absolute motivation killer, they also disrupt your fat burning. That's why it's important to approach sports calmly. A combination of yoga, strength exercises and active movements allows the body to relax and get fit at the same time.

3. Drink lots of water

Drinking cold water not only burns calories but also helps the body get fit. Especially in the warm season, it is important to drink a lot to replenish missing minerals that are excreted through sweating. Positive side effects such as beautiful and radiant skin then appear automatically.

4. Eat natural foods

Canned soup, fast food or packaged food - all these processed foods should be out of your pantries. They are industrially treated and often contain chemical substances. It's better to choose fresh products that provide pure energy and valuable nutrients - or an I·DO juice. Because you are what you eat!

5. You can live healthily without making sacrifices

Stay away from exclusion diets! They only teach you renunciation, which can lead to deficiency symptoms and illnesses in the long term. Better: If necessary, try to change your diet and combine it with enough exercise and sleep - these are still the best prerequisites for a healthy life. A juice cleanse can be a first step towards a healthy and balanced change in diet.

6. Plant milk instead of cow's milk

Factory farming, poor feed quality due to the addition of hormones and antibiotics - there are many factors that influence the quality of milk. Alternatively, depending on your tolerance, you can switch to oat or almond milk . Make sure that they contain calcium and do not contain sugar.

7. Proteins for a toned body

Proteins make our muscles efficient and participate in important, organic regeneration processes. This makes it all the more important that we supply our bodies with healthy proteins. Fortunately, the choice is large: not only meat and fish are good sources of protein, but also vegetarian foods such as Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, Swiss cheese, eggs, kidney beans, lentils, nuts, tofu, peas, wheat sprouts and quinoa.

8. Eat mindfully

Every time you go to the fridge, ask yourself: Is it boredom or am I really hungry? If you just don't know what to do with yourself, turn around again. Rather read a book, listen to music, do something productive. A little workout at home can't hurt either. You should only eat when you are hungry.

9. Lots of fresh air and light

Oxygen awakens the spirit and mobilizes the immune system. So go out into the fresh air every day. Another positive effect when we spend time outside: we get more light, which also improves our mood. In daylight, the neurotransmitter serotonin is released, which brightens the mood. Even in very bad weather, it is much brighter outside than indoors. Light is also important for the production of vitamin D - essential for strong bones.

10. Body positivity

The most important thing is that we feel good in our bodies and don't let a few rolls or bumps bother us. Because nobody is perfect and every person has different abilities and therefore problems. Despite everything, fitness and a healthy diet help the body to survive stressful everyday life better and to stay successful and healthy. Whether in the office or at university: Anyone who exercises regularly and eats a balanced diet has a clear advantage: beautiful skin, better concentration and a good mood are included in the price.