Organic is sexy. Organic makes you sexy. Organic juice can do more.

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Organic and vegan nutrition are becoming increasingly popular - you want to know where your food comes from? We feel the same way! More and more people want to be healthier, take care of their bodies and do sports. Increasingly, they also want to eat appropriately and do without industrially produced foods.

Why organic?

All I·DO organic juices are made from 100% organically grown ingredients. Since we process up to 3kg of ingredients in a single juice, it certainly doesn't take a long time to explain why we don't want to compromise and do everything we can to spare your body from toxins. A difference you can taste, see and even feel.

Trust is good, control is better .

At I·DO Bio, we obtain the majority of our ingredients from local farmers we trust - most of them even in Demeter or Bioland quality. We want to know where our food comes from. Unfortunately, no pineapples are currently growing in the Munich region or on Lake Constance, but we also ensure strict compliance with organic guidelines for our ingredients from abroad and are in close contact with the producers. On our blog we introduce you to the farmers we trust. Maybe we'll meet you soon at one of our farm parties?

Survival of the Fittest.

With organically grown fruits, the use of harmful pesticides is severely limited. So they have to fight particularly hard for their place in the ecosystem. This 'extra effort' means that organically grown plants naturally have a strong plant immune system. These properties, also known as phytonutrients, are passed on directly to you and your immune system by the plant 'superheroes'.

Take our word for it.

One of the most extensive studies on the nutritional content of organic food compared to conventional food was recently carried out at Newcastle University (UK). It provides scientifically sound evidence of the added value of organic products.

1. Not just good for you. Better for you!

Organically grown crops have up to 60% more important antioxidants.

2. Fewer pesticides

The number of measurable pesticides in conventionally grown crops is four times higher (ugh!).

3. Less cadmium

Cadmium is known for its kidney, lung and stomach damaging effects: the analysis found a 48% lower concentration of the toxic heavy metal.

4. Less nitrogen

According to recognized studies, nitrogen is carcinogenic: The nitrogen concentration is many times lower in organic cultures.

I·DO Bio in the organic store you trust.

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Juice, the pure juice and nothing but juice

As a healthy refreshment in between or as a multi-day detox cure. I DO Organic works.