Five quick questions for: yoga teacher & coach Saskia

Yogalehrerin & Coach Saskia

Five quick questions for: yoga teacher & coach Saskia

A balanced and active lifestyle as well as an awareness of healthy nutrition - that connects the I·DO Family. Behind exactly this philosophy is Saskia, yoga teacher and holistic health coach and part of the I·DO marketing team from Munich. Her vision is to support people on their very personal path and to accompany them in the transformation towards a healthier and happier life. Through her yoga classes and coaching offers, she wants to encourage you to take your life into your own hands and to fully develop your potential. In this short interview she gives us a little insight into her personal life as a yoga teacher and coach.

How do you start your morning?

I am an early riser by nature and often wake up before my alarm clock. The first course for me is going straight into the bathroom for my morning routine: scraping my tongue, brushing my teeth, rinsing my nose and a short cold shower. After that, I drink a tall glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon and a tiny bit of turmeric. Everything that comes after that depends very much on the day and varies between meditation, journaling, yoga or a little music & dance. Then at the latest it's time for a balanced breakfast - that's a must for me to be strengthened for the day.

What's your feel-good routine?

The starting point is always a short break to listen to myself and to feel what is good for me. Sometimes it's a long walk with friends and good conversations, sometimes it's an evening for me in the bathtub with a good book. I firmly believe that every person ticks a little differently and at the same time has different needs at certain times and phases of life. For me, it's more about feeling into myself intuitively instead of having a strict routine.

what are you dreaming about

I dream of a world with more awareness, courage and joie de vivre. To finally be able to say: Don't dream your life, but live your dream.

What sin do you indulge in now and then?

what is a sin? I think if you do something in moderation instead of in bulk, there is always a balance. But for a little more real talk, what some might consider a sin is dessert—even at breakfast. Be it a piece of dark chocolate or almonds in a honey and cinnamon coating.

Which I·DO juice should you never be without in your fridge?

My absolute favorite juice is the Soulful Beets . I also really love the Karma Carrot . It's difficult for me to make the final decision. Preferably both!

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