Veganuary Event: Live Tasting, Yoga & Community

Veganuary Event

Veganuary Event: Live Tasting, Yoga & Community

We attended the Veganuary Event in Munich. We - that is I·DO, Spoons of Taste and Mylkchocy - had set ourselves the goal of supporting the Veganuary movement with this event and enabling a get-together that should strengthen us as a community.

What is Veganuary all about? 

Veganuary is a so-called portmanteau , which is a fusion of known terms from which new ones arise. In this case vegan and January. The idea is to motivate each other to eat vegan for a month in January.

How does that fit with our philosophy? 

We at I·DO only produce vegan products . There are indeed strong arguments that can inspire us to take things more seriously, not only for the sake of the poor animals, but also to do something good for ourselves and everyone else. The 3 main arguments that you hear again and again and along which diligent research and studies are carried out are the environment, animals and health.

What was offered at the Veganuary Event?

We opened our event with a welcome speech. But it didn't stay long with talking and sitting. Immediately afterwards there was a yoga class with a meditation session by Lyla . After all, we want to offer a holistic approach to health and that includes body and mind. We definitely earned our lunch from heartbeet . However, the highlight was still to come: the live tasting of the products. There were lots of delicious I·DO juices to try and the new Body & Mind fasting cure was also presented. 

Stronger together

We firmly believe that together we are stronger. That's why we've teamed up with the food pioneers Spoons of Taste and Mylkchocy for this event. But we would all be nothing without our participants. Influencers from the fields of food, health and fitness were there, such as the nutritionist Saskia or Jules , whose great passion is trail running and vegan nutrition. It was a success and we are already planning more events of this kind. If you want to be there too, sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you up to date!

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