New in the shop: organic fasting tea and tea bottle to support your juice cure

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With a juice cleanse you can do something good for your body and relieve it. You voluntarily avoid solid food for a limited period of time with the aim of cleansing your body. Weight loss is not the priority, but high blood pressure, inflammatory processes and other complaints can be alleviated. Juice cleanses for three , five or six days are safe for healthy adults at home and without medical supervision. Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, sick people and those convalescing should avoid it.

Tea set with organic tea and glass bottle

Why tea usefully supports a juice cleanse

Together with experts, we have developed a special fasting tea that is intended to stimulate the function of the liver, gallbladder and kidneys. With its purifying, metabolism-stimulating, anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating effects, it optimally supports a juice treatment. The I·DO organic fasting tea mixture consists of nettle leaves, chamomile flowers, spearmint leaves, thyme, marigold flowers and sage leaves. This special mixture has a revitalizing effect and warms you from the inside.

Tips for effective fasting tea consumption

We recommend drinking at least 1 liter of tea in addition to the juices during a juice cleanse.
  • Prepare the tea carefully. Our double-walled glass insulated bottle with a stainless steel sieve is ideal for this.
  • Drink several cups of unsweetened fasting tea in small sips every day throughout the day.
  • The active ingredients can be better absorbed on an empty stomach.

Now available: organic tea, glass bottle or fasting tea set at a special price

Whether individually or as an attractive set: from now on we have three beautiful products in the shop to optimally complement your juice treatment. We would particularly like to recommend the combination of the special organic fasting tea and the double-walled tea bottle at a special price. Enjoy freshly brewed herbal tea in the cool season or during your juice cleanse . The large 100g bag of organic tea makes up to 20 servings. Naturally from controlled organic cultivation and guaranteed pesticide-free. The beautiful glass bottle with bamboo lid and stainless steel strainer makes making tea child's play. Put organic fasting tea in the sieve, pour water over it and you can enjoy your tea without burning your fingers. Perfect for the office or a cozy evening on the couch.