Start your juice cleanse - with the right preparation

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We want to give you the easiest and most successful juice fasting experience possible. Essential for this is the preparation, implementation and of course the follow-up . That's why you'll find out everything you need to know in this 3-part juice guide series. This post is about juice fasting phase 1, the preparation phase.

Juice treatment phase 1:

Hand on heart - especially if you have previously eaten an unhealthy diet consisting primarily of white flour, sugar and processed foods, you should take preparing for a cleanse seriously. This allows your body to adjust to the upcoming change in diet. This means that a radical diet can be avoided in order to start the juice cleanse as easily as possible. We recommend - depending on your diet and the length of the juice cleanse - to start preparing three to five days before the actual juice cleanse. Our Safkur nutrition plan is also helpful for this?

Eat more fruits and vegetables before your juice cleanse

Start your preparation by taking enzymes. They control your metabolism and can be increased by trying to include more raw foods in your everyday diet. Homemade vitamin water is also a simple way to supply the body with important nutrients. When it comes to fruit and vegetables, everything is allowed.

Reduce your caffeine consumption before your juice cleanse

In order to optimize the effect of the juice treatment, the body should ideally be in an alkaline state. Therefore, try to avoid caffeine, sodas and other acidic drinks as much as possible. But are you still a coffee lover? No problem! It is not essential to avoid it completely during a juice cleanse. An alternative would be to switch to lower-acid “cold brew” coffee, green matcha tea or one of our delicious teas . All alternatives maintain the alkaline state in the body and are also proven stimulants. But purists also avoid it!

Drink enough water!

Thirst is often confused with hunger. That's why you should drink at least 2.0L of water every day. Fluid intake is very important even before you start your juice cleanse. Water transports important nutrients into the cells, at the same time flushes harmful substances from the body and supports the kidneys in the natural detoxification process. In addition to water, teas or vitamin water can be drunk as an alternative at any time - even during the juice cleanse . Teas in particular can support the body's natural detoxification mechanisms and intensify the overall results of the cleanse. Pure water is not necessarily everyone's favorite. That's why we've put together a few tangy recipes that are both delicious and refreshing. In addition, our vitamin waters are natural and therefore without additives or sugar. We have also listed a number of teas and recipes to support you in your cleanse preparation phase.

Reduce consumption of animal products

Try to eat a predominantly vegan diet 2-3 days before starting the juice cleanse. This means: no meat, no fish, no eggs and no dairy products. As an alternative to meat or fish, foods such as lentils, chickpeas, beans, sweet potatoes, avocado and tofu can provide the body with similar nutrients. Classic cow's milk can also easily be replaced with oat, almond, rice or coconut milk. Compared to plant products, animal foods are more difficult to process by the human digestive system. A purely plant-based diet relieves the strain on the intestines before starting the cleanse, giving it the opportunity to regenerate and thus be ready for your new juice cleanse self.

Avoid additives in your juice cleanse

The sooner you reduce your consumption of processed foods or eliminate them from your diet entirely, the better. Pay particular attention to the ingredients listed on the products. If you don't know these, it's better to use alternative products. Here, too, it is important to note that terms like “natural” do not immediately indicate unprocessed foods.

Avoid sugar and white bread

Industrially processed sugar in particular slows down digestion and increases the risk of diabetes. The body takes a break during the juice cleanse. It is therefore advisable to avoid industrial white sugar before starting the treatment. Alternative and natural sweeteners such as agave syrup, honey and maple syrup can make it easier to avoid.

Bread also slows down the work in the human digestive tract. White bread is actually considered to make you fattening because it is not as filling as other bread. It only contains a small amount of fiber, which converts the starch into sugar more quickly. When this energy is used up, you are hungry again. Important: Try to use organic products as much as possible.

Juice cleanse - your body will thank you

Of course, these tips for preparing for a juice cleanse are only recommendations and not mandatory instructions, but we still recommend that you take one or two tips to heart and perhaps even integrate them into your everyday life after your cleanse - your body will do the same for you to thank.