Why a juice cleanse is good for me.

Warum mir eine Saftkur gut tut.
Detox, juice cleanse, juice fasting or juice cleanse, call it what you want. Some are hoping for a miracle diet, others are raving about a detox effect, while still others think all of this is some kind of nonsense. But what is the purpose of abstaining from solid food for a few days or even weeks and subsisting exclusively on raw juices? We have been offering the I·DO Cleanse, a real HPP juice treatment based on the American model, in Germany for over two years. Numerous fans and loyal regular customers speak for themselves. So there seems to be something about it when you have to go to the fridge six times a day, put a colorful bottle in your hand, open the lid and pour in the juice.

Although we are really big fans of our juices and most of our recipes ourselves

“Have you ever done a juice cleanse?”