The positive juice cleanse effect during exercise

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Would you like to take on a new challenge and be really good for your body right at the beginning of the year? Then we have the right thing for you: Find out about our hot cooperation with the online studio Movingroom and learn how a juice cleanse has a positive effect on your body when you exercise.

The best thing about it: With every I·DO juice treatment you purchase, you will now receive free access to the Movingroom portal at the beginning of the year.

Who is behind Movingroom?

Movingroom: These are makers, professional coaches and creators who want to create movement, mindfulness and an awareness of movement. How does this work? With an online studio for yoga , exercise, mindfulness, fitness and a diverse program at different experience levels. From more intensive workouts to gentle yoga sessions, there is something for everyone. People should be inspired and taught through individual exercise offers and collect routines and successes. And it gets even better: all online sessions can be accessed regardless of time, so you can train anywhere and at any time.

I·DO and Movingroom: The best combination of mindful movement and conscious nutrition

Like the creators of Movingroom , we at I·DO want to create time and space to deal with yourself, to experience peace, to feel and perceive your own body, to live healthily and to feel good. We stand for a holistic approach to health and this includes body and mind equally.

Through our work we want to achieve the most positive effect on your body. So what could be better than combining mindful exercise and juice fasting? – We think, not much. For this reason, we started a cooperation with Movingroom from which everyone benefits.

What benefits can I expect?

At the start of the new year, in addition to ordering your I·DO juice treatment, you will receive one month of free access to Movingroom, the online studio for yoga, exercise and fitness training.

This gives you access to over 250 premium classes and targeted training plans. Work on your handstands and flexibility with experienced coaches, do one of the HIIT workouts or practice meditation and breathwork.

All online sessions can be accessed at any time, so that you can optimally and individually design your daily juice cleanse routine.

The offer is only valid for a short time - so don't let your inner weaker self come to the fore and start straight away with a juice cleanse from I·DO as well as free access to Movingroom's movement and mindfulness portal.

Juice treatment effect with exercise

For every sporting activity, the body needs fluid, and quite a lot of it. Drinking water before, during and after exercise is essential. But the stores of minerals and trace elements also need to be replenished after exercise. This works particularly well with fruit and vegetable juices, which simultaneously have a regenerating effect on various areas of the body.

However, it is important that you only consume raw vegetable juices , as only cold-pressed, never pasteurized, i.e. heated, juices provide the full content of valuable nutrients and vitamins.

The positive influence of exercise during a juice cleanse

Conversely, the positive effect of exercise during a juice cleanse is equally significant. Exercising during a juice cleanse is not only possible, but also useful. Metabolic processes in the body are stimulated and your blood circulation is promoted. You also stimulate your muscles and preventively reduce muscle breakdown. However, it is important that you reduce the intensity of your exercise a little and be careful with your body during every activity.

Movingroom's offerings can be optimally integrated into your everyday juice cleanse according to your taste and needs.

Would you like to find out what a juice cleanse is like with us? Then visit Marie Weihs’ experience report in our magazine here.

It's all in the mix: juice cleanse and exercise

Through our cooperation with Movingroom, we offer you the perfect combination of mindfulness, nutrition and exercise: Things couldn't get any better in January.

What are you waiting for? Start your juice cleanse now with mindful exercise and make 2023 your year.