Juice treatment experience with I·DO organic juices

Saftkur Erfahrung

The influencer Melli from Mellisfoodporndeluxe and her friend Maxim carried out the I·DO Bio Balance juice cleanse for 12 days together and shared their juice cleanse experience with us. Melli (35) and Maxim (35) live on beautiful Lake Constance and have a son and 2 daughters. Melli describes her juice cleanse experience as the best solution to cleanse her body and do something good for it. In their experience report, the couple explains what they learned through their juice cleanse experience and how they felt during it.

Why we wanted to have a juice cleanse experience?

As a working mom with 2 jobs, it is sometimes difficult to always pay attention to a healthy diet due to lack of time and stress. Since I had already done the I·DO juice treatment for 12 days six months ago, now that I have stopped using hormonal contraception was the right time for another juice treatment . Detoxify properly, cleanse the body and do something good for it.

After my friend noticed at the beginning of the year how good the 12 days of fasting was for me, he was of course immediately on board and I was absolutely excited to see how he, the absolute coffee junkie and liver cheese gourmet, would cope with the juice cleanse.

Why did we decide to have an organic juice cleanse experience with I·DO?

Back then, I was looking for the right juice cleanse and came across I·DO. What convinced me, among other things, was the raw food quality , the sustainability that the company values, and after I had already completed 12 days, I was also impressed by the taste and would choose I·DO organic juices again and again.

Our first three days of the juice cleanse experience

As a mom, not everything always went according to plan, this time I started the 10 days with my boyfriend without any preparation. As with the first time, the first few days were surprisingly easy for me. My friend also didn't miss solid food or his beloved coffee.

On the first day it didn't bother me at all because whenever I started to feel hungry the 2 hours were already over and it was time for the next juice. Only on the third day everything was very tempting for a moment, but with a little distraction you can get through the day easily. Since my boyfriend was doing the juice cleanse with me, the practical thing for me was that I only had to worry about food for my son and not for my partner too.

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I am actually convinced that the composition of the Bio Balance juice treatment ensures that you don't lack anything, as we had no cravings whatsoever during the entire 12 days.

What have we learned through our juice cleanse experience?

What my friend found so fascinating was that you finally got a body sense of hunger and appetite again. He, like me, wasn't hungry for the entire 12 days.

However, towards the end of the saffron cure, my friend had an appetite for various delicacies and always told me what he wanted to eat afterwards.
I, on the other hand, got a real feeling of high towards the end, just like last time. In the second week I feel absolutely light and fit and have the feeling that I could continue the juice cleanse forever.

What has changed in the long term as a result of the juice cleanse?

After the juice cleanse, we slowly started eating light again. And most importantly, we listened to him again, when am I really hungry?

What my friend would like to keep is the morning Fireball Boost with ginger and pepper, the recipe he is currently experimenting with...
Maybe he'll just get a box full of Fireball Boost from me for his birthday, which is what he was most looking forward to, while I was always most looking forward to my afternoon Pineapple Passion ?

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