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Whether raw as a snack, in sauces, soups, or as organic celery juice - hardly any other vegetable is as versatile as celery.
A distinction is made between celeriac and celery root, with
we only use organic green celery. As Celery was only allowed to be a vegetable in this country from the 18th century to be grown. Before that, the cultivation was exclusively monasteries
reserved, since the umbel plant was considered a pure medicinal plant. But what
makes the celery and the organic celery juice obtained from it like this
particularly? We clarify all important questions.

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What exactly is celery and what is celery juice made of?

Celery is a genus of umbelliferae. Although there are around 30 different types of celery are, we are particularly familiar with the "real celery". This one will in turn differentiated into celeriac, cut celery and celery. You may know the latter species better by its name Perennial or stalk celery – the typical light green stalk that is used for Soups, juices and co. is used.

When you say celery juice, you mean it
Celery stalks obtained liquid, which is about by cold pressing
is achieved. We at I DO also rely on this gentle process:
Since the food is never heated, it remains temperature sensitive
Substances such as vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances are preserved. So you can be sure that our celery juice will unleash its full effect! Speaking of…

  • Quick facts about the miracle perennial

    • Celery is a swamp plant
    • very low in calories,
    • known as a medicinal plant for 3200 years
    • Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
  • The nutritional values ​​of 100g celery

    • Calorific value 15kcal
    • Protein 1.2g
    • Fat 0.2g
    • Carbohydrates 2.2g
      of which sugar 0g
    • Fiber 2.6g

What is the effect of Bio I DO celery juice?

Due to its high nutrient density and the vitamins it contains
Celery juice is often touted as a miracle cure. The green power drink
is said to help against a variety of health complaints and
even prevent cancer.

Celery juice earned its good reputation above all from the self-proclaimed "Medical Medium" Anthony William .
In his book “Celery Juice – The Ultimate Superfood Drink for Your
Health” the author meticulously describes the incredible healing effect
of freshly squeezed celery juice on an empty stomach. That's how he should
Drink about balancing the body's pH, inhibiting inflammation and
cure chronic diseases.

Fact is: There is so far only little scientific evidence for the healing effects of celery juice . Most studies refer to individual ingredients, such as flavonoids ,
whose effect can be transferred to the celery juice. Nevertheless
celery and the juice obtained from it is by no means of course
unhealthy. On the contrary! The vitamins, minerals it contains,
Secondary plant substances and trace elements are important components
a healthy diet . In addition, due to its high water content, celery has a dehydrating effect and can help with weight loss.

The most important ingredients of I DO organic celery juice and their effect:

  • There is a lot of potassium in celery
    – about 260 mg per 100 g. The set element contributes, among other things, to Maintaining the acid-base balance plays an important role
    Role in the transmission of nerve impulses.
  • Also sodium
    is central to nerve impulses. In addition, it will be for the heart rhythm and muscle work required. In 100 g of celery are about contain 82 mg of it.
  • beta carotene
    (provitamin A) strengthens our cells and protects the immune system. It is So valuable precisely because our bodies cannot produce it themselves can. Anyone who eats 100 g of celery, for example as cold-pressed juice, supplies his body with 270 µg.
  • As a powerful antioxidant , vitamin C eliminates
    free radicals and thereby protects the cells from damage. Besides is
    it is involved in many metabolic processes and is therefore a central one part of a healthy diet. The umbellifer has about 3.1mg of it.
  • Vitamin K , about 29.3 µg of which is found in celery, influences blood clotting and bone metabolism.
  • In addition, there are many other antioxidants , vitamins and trace elements in the delicious stick, which make celery a beneficial nutrient booster.

Even if the organic celery juice effect, as it is attributed to him by Anthony Williams, not scientifically so far could be substantiated, speak the many positive

Ingredients always for the consumption of green vegetables.
As is so often the case, the effect on health must be tested individually
become. So just try it and make your own make celery juice experience.

How much I·DO organic celery juice should I drink a day - and when?

If you believe the guru Anthony William, you should have around 500 milliliters of celery juice every morning
drink – on an empty stomach. On this way be the
healing effect most effective. But since we have already learned that the
Williams' views are unsupported, so should this recommendation
should not be set in stone as a guideline.

According to testimonials
Large amounts of celery juice can cause detoxification symptoms such as
cause discomfort and stomach pain. We therefore recommend using
to start with a smaller amount – for example with ours
cold-pressed celery juice in a 250 ml bottle.

How Long Should You Drink Organic Celery Juice?

You can easily incorporate celery juice into your daily eating plan
integrate – provided there is no allergy or you are sensitive to the
drink reacting Celery Juice is particularly suitable for a juice cleanse or as a supplement to intermittent fasting .

Is too much organic celery harmful?

As is so often the case in life, it also comes down to nutrition
the right balance. Because too much of a good thing often strikes
negative effects around. Even if the trending green vegetables are basically healthy
And while it is safe, drinking celery juice can cause side effects

On the one hand, there are allergens in celery,
more specifically oxalates, which cause health reactions like
skin rash or gastrointestinal problems. straight people
Those with kidney stones are prone and should prefer celery
waive. The draining effect is also in the back of your mind
keep. If in doubt, it is best to consult a doctor.

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment also warns
(BfR) before the furocoumarins contained in celery. This
Plant substances have a phototoxic effect and make the skin sensitive to light.
Whoever eats a large quantity of celery or drinks it in the form of a juice,
therefore reacts more sensitively to UV rays. According to the BfR, this is already enough
450 grams of celery to encourage sunburn.

Tip: Instead of drinking pure celery juice, simply add it
mix with other vegetables or fruits. Our Liquid Salad contains
for example kale, apple and cucumber.

Which is better: buy organic celery juice or make it yourself?

Of course you can get up early every morning and relax
make your own celery juice. But for that you need time, a
high quality (=expensive) juicer and lots of celery. With it
the celery juice effect is retained, so no important ones
Nutrients are lost, one must eat the vegetables
also process as gently as possible. Heat is taboo because she
decreases the nutrient content. So there are a few things to keep in mind
DIY Celery Juice. The advantage: You know exactly what's in it and
avoids packaging waste.

Who prefers to start the day relaxed and still not
If you want to do without high quality, it's best to grab it
Organic juices in raw food quality .

Where can I buy I·DO organic celery juice?

Who buy ready made celery juice
If you want, you will probably find what you are looking for quickest in the organic market. Also a few
Supermarkets now offer the juice. However, the following applies: the fresher
and higher quality, the better. We therefore rely on organic quality and
offer our freshly squeezed I·DO organic celery juice in one
practical 3 liter bag-in-box storage pack. Thanks to the tap
you simply get the recommended amount of organic celery juice every day
and uncomplicated from the fridge at home.

By the way: Our I·DO organic celery juice comes from
controlled organic farming and comes with a squeeze of lemon juice
mixed. As a result, the green vitamin booster stays fresh and healthy for longer
tastes even better!

How do I prepare organic celery juice?

Would you like to try it yourself and are you looking for a celery juice recipe ?
With just one ingredient, the popular drink is easy to prepare - if
a juicer is ready. A slow juicer works best
the vegetables are first chopped and then with slow rotations
pressed against a sieve.

Here's how: Get a bunch of celery in
Organic quality - 400 grams make about 350 ml of juice. The vegetables thoroughly
wash and roughly chop. The pieces then come in the
Juicer hopper. Press into the juicer from above
and let the device work its wonders. Et voilà: yours is done
self-squeezed celery juice with full power effect!

From field to bottle: Learn more about the production of I DO's fresh celery juice