7 simple and effective tips for the cold season

7 einfache und effektive Tipps für die Erkältungszeit

The days are slowly getting shorter, it's getting darker, cooler and wet - the peak season for cold viruses is here! But don't worry: with these tips you can get through the cold season healthy and fit.

1. Food rich in vitamins to combat cold viruses

A healthy and balanced diet is particularly important to protect yourself from viruses and bacteria. Above all, colorful vegetables in combination with nuts and seasonal fruits such as apples, oranges and lemons provide you with important vital substances. These include vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, B vitamins, vitamin E and iron, which protect your defense cells and strengthen your immune system. A good alternative to integrating more fruit and vegetables into your diet are our cold-pressed raw juices .

2. Fresh air and vitamin D

In the cold season it is dark longer and sunlight is rare. This depletes the body's vitamin D stores, which it has to replenish through sunlight on the skin. Too little sunlight can weaken the immune system and depress your mood. Therefore our tip: use breaks consciously. Go outside and let the sunshine into your heart (and onto your skin). 30 minutes a day in the fresh air is good for your body and soul.

3. Ginger and hot spices heat up

During cold season, ginger is your strongest ally against viruses, illness, headaches or an itchy throat. The essential oil gingerol from the wonderful tuber strengthens the immune system, has an anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect and fights pathogenic bacteria. Ginger can be consumed in the form of tea or ginger shots . Other spices such as mustard, chili, horseradish and cayenne pepper also really heat things up. They have a germ-killing and activating effect on the body.

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4. A strong immune system thanks to strong intestinal flora

Good intestinal health is important for a strong and active immune system. Many of the immune cells are located in the intestinal lining, and if the intestine does not function properly, the immune system is weakened.

A good option for improving your intestinal health and bringing your intestinal flora back into balance are the live bacterial cultures such as Bacillus Coaugulans or BC30, which you can find in our Active Lemonade . Prebiotic ingredients such as flaxseed, oat flakes, happy seed husks, sauerkraut, kimchi or kefir are also a good choice for a healthy intestine.

5. Celery and cabbage as natural bacteria killers

In winter it is advisable to eat a lot of cabbage and tuber vegetables such as celery , kale, Brussels sprouts and savoy cabbage. Because they are particularly rich in mustard glycosides - also called glucosinalates. These essential oils fight bacteria and viruses, prevent illness and help with the early symptoms of a cold. These vegetables also contain a lot of vitamin C. This strengthens your immune system and helps you get through the cold season well.

6. Sleep well and enough to give colds no chance

Sleep is the best medicine for a strong immune system. While you sleep, the body can regenerate its immune cells, fight off bacteria and germs and thus prevent colds. That's why it's important to have a restful sleep during the cold season. 7 to 9 hours are recommended.

7. Get enough exercise and reduce stress levels

For the proper functioning of our immune system, it is important to reduce stress and give the body enough breaks. In addition to a balanced diet, sporting activities and exercise can not only reduce stress, but also strengthen the body's defenses.

Our recommendation for the cold season: